You no doubt know ‘Elyse Knowles, The Block contestant’ and ‘Elyse Knowles, Instagram superstar’ (863,000 followers and counting) but you may not have met ‘Elyse Knowles, mama that rocks’ just yet! 

We chatted to her about all things motherhood, her little Sunny and her new collection with Fisher Price, which is available now online and in-stores at Target.

Tell us how your experiences as a first-time mum inspire the products you chose to work on and design for Fisher Price?  

The aim was to create pieces that would evoke a sense of calm, peace, and joy. While Sunny hadn’t come along yet during the design stage, I think everyone knows a newborn brings sleep deprivation and a little chaos! In the most lovely of ways they certainly add an element of go-go-go, so my aim was to make sure the home felt settled, safe and happy. Colours and shapes can have the most incredible effect on our moods. When you surround yourself in comfort, you tend to feel more in control.

And it was so important for me that the products would not only look beautiful but be really practical for new parents – it’s why the range includes items like bounces, rockers and highchairs – items that mean you can go about your day and know bub is safe and secure. As a new parent, these things become your must-haves.

 What time does a typical day start for you, and what does your morning look like?

That all depends on when Sunny boy decides to wake me up! Between 5.30am -7.00am is usually when he lets me know I am needed! 

The timing of his wake up time can really determine how the rest of the day will go. It’s been a massive adjustment in terms of throwing the term ‘schedule’ out the door and just learning to live between naps. I think I’m used to it now, but it did take me a while. 

In the morning Sunny has a feed in bed with me (a time I cherish) and then we jump up and start our day. We usually have breakfast together with Sunny in his Fisher Price high chair, and then head straight outside for a walk before his next nap. 

If you have 10 minutes to yourself, where do you go and what do you like to do? 

Gee wiz! 10 minutes would be delightful!! Again, it all depends on how much energy I have at any given moment. Sometimes I just crash and need 10 mins to sit and regroup! If I do have the energy and mental capacity, usually I’ll head out to feed the ducks or jump online & check emails. 

What do you do for childcare? 

I have a lovely family friend who comes over & looks after Sunny one day per week. I then dedicate the day to work, emails & interviews (like this one!). Joshy stays at home one morning a week as well to look after him so I can have some ‘me time’ and get a workout in. 

What do you do for fun as a family? 

We are all loving our bikes! We can jump on and go for a family cruise with Sunny at any moment. It’s such a nice way to spend time together. Josh recently bought me a new bike with a baby seat on the front, and Sunny adores it! He looks around so curiously and listens to nature, or he just falls asleep. This bonding time is a favourite for sure. 

What is your favourite thing to do for date night? 

Date night? What’s date night!? I don’t think Josh and I have had one since Sunny came along, haha. It’s not super easy leaving him as we don’t have family around to call on regularly. Usually, Sunny comes out with us for a nice dinner. He’s the cutest third wheel! 

Where do you head when you need a girls’ night out? 

Ooo golly! I can’t say I’ve had a girls night out in a while either. Town has just opened up however, so now it’s time for Mumma Knowles to explore! 

What’s your must-know fashion or beauty tip for mums? 

I’ve recently been using “Emma Lewisham – Skinreset”, and I’ve noticed a big difference in my pigmentation. A BIG difference! I’ve been very consistent with my new routine, including Emma Lewisham. Consistency is definitely the best way of noticing whether a product is working for you or not.  No more smokey moustache or forehead. Woo! 

What’s your favourite place to shop? 

Byron is a lovely place to explore a whole range of new & upcoming designers and brands. There are so many start up brands coming out of  this small town, which is so exciting to watch. 

I always enjoy walking around the industrial estate and The Habitat. Without a doubt, there are always goodies to be found! Homewares is probably the most dangerous category for me in terms of shopping. I LOVE IT. Fossil Vintage Furniture & Haveli are musts!   

Must-have parenting tip or tool?  

Go with the flow and go with your gut! Just bear in mind that it’s highly unlikely for things to go to plan on a regular basis, but that’s ok! Change isn’t bad … it can lead you to places you didn’t think possible.

And try to just enjoy being with your little one. Jobs around the house and technology can all wait. Exploring the world through your bubbas eyes is one of the most joyful way to live life. Go slow, take it all in and cherish every moment. 

Did you have fun combining work and family time to create this new Fisher Price line?  

It’s perfect timing because Fisher Price helps new parents – like me! – with simple solutions so we can focus on what matters most, our beautiful babies. Like every new mum I’m so excited to experience every moment with our little guy Sunny. As a parent, you know the time you spend with your little ones in those early weeks and months is so precious, so I hope my range offers a simple and stylish solution for parents, so they can focus on the moments that matter most.

 I’m so proud of the collection and how it was curated with both style and space-saving in mind. It’s designed to complement (and not invade) your living space and with six essential products that would be at the top of every new parents must have lists.

Fisher Price is about FUN. Josh and I are big believers in making your own fun by exploring and using your imagination. The saying, ‘life is what you make it’ is so true. 

What are your must-have baby items from the collection? 

Sunny loves all the items from the collection, of course, but if I had to choose my pick from the collection at the moment is the Baby Bouncer– it’s been a game-changer! Sunny loves being a part of everything we’re doing – whether that’s working on our new projects during the day or cooking dinner at night so with the Bouncer he can be right there with us happily watching and playing and I know he’s completely safe and secure at the same time. Like all Fisher Price products, safety and durability are at the forefront of each of the pieces in the collection.



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