Meet Yvonne Pretti, owner of MIMS 4 Little People. Married to Warrick, she is also mum to Madison 16, Isobella 14, Mitchell 5 and Sienna 2.




Tell us about your business/current role?

MIMS 4 Little People opened on November 15, 2015. With having four children, we were always on the hunt for gorgeous children’s things and realised there was niche for a children’s boutique on the Gold Coast.


Where did the concept for this come from?

We were on a family holiday on the Sunshine Coast. Whilst we were shopping for our children, we realised that the Gold Coast was lacking some of the amazing variety we were seeing. That’s when the vision of MIMS started (“MIMS” being the first letter of each of our children’s names).


What’s your business background?

My husband and I own a business in the construction industry. I have been in construction for the past 22 years and realised it was time to do something that I really loved and felt passionate about. MIMS gives me that and so much more.




What time does a typical day start for you?

My typical day starts at around 5am. This is my time to do something for myself. You can usually find me at pilates, yoga or walking along Burleigh. Then it’s straight back home for a quick breakfast and to get the four kids out the door.


Who does the cooking and cleaning at your house?

I enjoy cooking so that’s definitely my department. Other than that my husband and I share the workload. We work really well as a team and our roles, whether they be work or home related, are completely shared.


If you have 10 minutes to yourself, what do you like to do?

One word… Coffee. I am a coffee lover and enjoy nothing more than taking 10 minutes out for a great coffee at one of my favourite haunts reading the paper.




What do you do for childcare?

The three older children are at school and my youngest is at daycare three days a week.


Do your kids do many extracurricular activities?

The older girls do swimming squad and the younger ones swimming lessons. Throw in tennis and running training for Mitchell and, yes, we are always in the car running from one activity to another!


At do you do for fun as a family?

We love to ride our bikes and are self confessed foodies – yes, even the kids. And of course the beach. We love relaxing at the beach on a Sunday.




What is your favourite thing to do for date night with your partner?

A night out with great food, good wine and lots of laughs.


How about favourite place to eat out as a family?

We love going to Miami Marketta – it offers something for everyone, in a relaxed atmosphere.




Where do you head to when you get time for a girls’ night out?

A girl’s night out is usually somewhere in Burleigh such as Bin 12 or Little Plate – best, best tapas and a great spot to just catch up on life.


What is your best beauty tip for mums?

Sleep and smile and you will look radiant.


Favourite place to shop (locally and online)?

I’m not a huge fan of big shopping centres so I am most happy finding pieces I love in one off boutiques. Bikini and Me would have to be one of my favourite shops as well as some of the boutiques in Broadbeach. For online shopping I love Enzo & Toto or Me and Moo.




Must-have parenting tip or tool?

You can’t fight every battle, just choose the ones that are worth the fight, and every now and again send one to the keeper.


Can you share any tips on finding the right work/life balance?

For me, exercise is my balance. I find it makes me happier to give to every other aspect of my life.


How do you stay motivated in your career?

I truly am lucky because I love what I do, I think the key is to do what you love and you will love what you do.


Visit www.mims4littlepeople.com




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