Hello March!


The kids’ extra-curricular roster is well underway and we have broken our family rule of two sports per child this year. Yes, we are tackling two-to-three sports per child and with three kids – well, you do the math! Busy days! One is moaning she has no ‘me’ time (wonder where she gets that from!?) while the other two are loving it. I am officially a soccer mum now – plus gymnastics, swimming, nippers and that’s just our sporting life (and I still haven’t quite got my own fitness routine down yet!).


Now I know that sounds like a big load to some and to others with children at elite sporting levels it’s not much at all, as they tackle up to 20 hours a week in one sport. This disparity sprouted this month’s feature as we ‘Get sporty’ and talk to a crew of talented local coaches who share their tips and insights on kids in sport.


As our summer glow fades into autumn, we talk new-season fashion and what a delight to have the uber talented Nat Bass in our fashion pages this issue! We also get set for school holidays (again!) so take some inspo for activities in our School’s Out guide and calendar plus, if you don’t already get a weekly dose of haven in your inbox, join us by signing up on our website.


Thank you for all your uplifting and supportive comments as we celebrated FIVE years last month. We look forward to an amazing next chapter. To guide us in being the best we can be, we have created an online survey and would be most appreciative if you spared a few moments to give us some feedback (there is even a prize in it!). Click here to participate!


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Happy days!


Keeley O'Connor

Keeley O'Connor  

Keeley has always been a keen entrepreneur and creative and takes great pride in growing her business in parallel with her young family. Keeley started in online publishing with ‘Savvy Mama’ in early 2009 going on to publish print titles over the past decade, including haven, a family lifestyle publication and scout for the Gold Coast holiday-maker more recently. She has grown a vibrant and engaged digital community of followers via her digital and social channels and continues to expand her business with haven creative services // www.havencreative.com.au