Australia has 3.8 million school-aged kids who create 4.8 million car trips per day. When Melbourne mum Maggie Scott did the math, she found that things just didn’t add up. So, she created Parachuute – the super-safe, super-efficient free carpooling app that has parents breathing a sigh of relief and finding more time to put their feet up (or, rather, do the million- and-one other things on their ‘to-do’ list).

But how does Parachuute work? Think of it like a social network for chauffeuring – seriously. Parents add one another on the app, giving them complete control over who will be driving their children to and fro, and then they send requests out to their network when in need of a carpool. The effective points-based system makes the process guilt-free, because the more requests you accept (ie. the more carpools you volunteer to do), the more points you get and vice versa. You must have at least three points to request a carpool – it’s all about sharing the load.

“I wanted to provide a safe and easy alternative to traditional carpooling and favour giving, and a guilt-free way to ask for help through a personal, trusted network,” Maggie explains. “It takes just 20 seconds for parents to request a lift and the app takes care of everything including notifications, reminders, locations and navigation.”

Visit www.parachuute.com



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