With the world becoming more digitally connected, travelling has never been easier. Here’s our list of top 5 travel apps that will help take the stress out of any holiday, whether it’s to the Gold Coast or Europe.



1. Google Translate
This free app provided by Google is fantastic for when you come across words in a foreign country and need to translate it back to English quickly! While we all try to learn the basics before entering another a country you’re certain to come across words and phrases that you just don’t know.


2. Airbnb
The app provides travelers with low cost accommodation and a more authentic travel experience by staying with a local or in their home. Airbnb has plans to expand beyond accommodation, becoming an all-in-one travel app that lets travelers plan their day, book a car, and much more.


3. Packpoint

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pack something important. PackPoint looks at the weather forecast for the dates and location of your trip. The app will also ask you to select activities you may participate in during your trip. PackPoint will then create a list of items you should pack based on these activities, along with common travel items. Lists can be edited and shared with your travel buddies to make sure nothing gets left behind.

unnamed-34. TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor is the perfect app to stop you before you making a bad decision. You can quickly read millions of reviews about any bars, restaurants, hotels, or airlines. The app also allows you to find well-reviewed places close by with its Near Me function. To make sure you really make the most of your holiday you can ask specific travel questions in the app’s forums and get advice from a collection of well-seasoned travelers.


5. WhatsApp

Communicating while overseas often comes with unwanted roaming costs. WhatsApp has over 1 billion users globally and is a great way to keep in touch with those at home and chat with new friends you meet along your travels. The App requires a data connection or Wi-Fi to send messages, but that can be easily fixed with public Wi-Fi or a prepaid data plan.



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