Most businesses have a love hate relationship with marketing, every business owner knows they need it but rarely are they knowledgeable or confident as to what strategies to implement and how.

Before the internet came along, businesses were marketing their businesses in a multitude of ways.

Yes there was radio, tv, print and of course networking and word of mouth, which was much more prevalent and reliable but it worked. People were connected not just to your brand but to each other.

Ever since the launch of social media, the world has changed. The term “Game changer” doesn’t even seem to come close with how the various platforms have affected the landscape of not only how businesses market their products or service but how we as a society communicate with each other.

Sadly, there are so many who have forgotten about the “old school” ways of marketing, advertising or promoting their business, using both above and below the line strategies.

Every day, I see and hear business owners being  more concerned with followers, likes and what’s trending – spending hours a day on their smart phones or laptops trying to “engage” or “target” an audience either within their demographic or attempting to reach a new one and yet people are more disconnected and more disengaged than ever.

Some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the world, although they all have a social presence don’t rely on Instagram or Facebook to be their sole source of marketing. It’s used as part of a broader plan incorporating various marketing strategies.

When did the focus be solely on numbers and sales as opposed to building a loyal customer base and community?

Social media, when used with purpose can be an extremely powerful tool.

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Missy Robinson

Missy Robinson  

Missy Robinson is the owner (Queen of Light-bulb Moments + Chief Troublemaker) of The Rebel Collective, a rebellious communications and creative agency that takes a holistic approach to marketing by creating and implementing out of the box strategies for their clients to build meaningful and memorable experiences for consumers // www.therebelcollective.com.au