Are you ready to brush up on your skills or just boost your self-confidence by mastering the basic techniques in curling your hair? I’ve put together a super easy guide that will leave you feeling like a pro in no time!

How to prepare your hair before styling
Try working with your hairs natural texture, this will work in your favour. Sightly dirty hair works best which makes it more manageable and keeps the curls in place longer. If you love to curl with clean hair I recommend using dry shampoo as this will help bond hair together for a lasting finish.

Pick the right products
Remember the #hairgoal here is not stiff crunchy curls. Start with a lightweight styling heat-protecting product before commencing blow dry. Another trick is to apply dry shampoo before curling and after to style, while dry shampoo absorbs the hair’s natural oils it works to give straight hair movement and texture. If you feel like adding additional hold to your curl consider using hairspray as it gives your hair extra grip and control as you create the curl. This technique works for anyone that has fine or fragile hair. I recommend using Nak haircare products to create effortless styling. (Keep reading as I have a giveaway for you at the end of the article!)

Which size curling irons should I use
Here is a tip to help you choose the right curling wand for your hair. If you want tight curls use a wand that’s a smaller barrel size, if bigger looser waves tickle your fancy then choose a bigger barrel size wand. Whichever curl you want the technique is still the same. For longer lasting curls I suggest using a smaller barrel as it creates more volume and texture. If you find the curl too tight you can brush out the curl to the ideal curl/wave you wish to wear. This also applies to curling your hair with a flat iron.

Will a flat iron create different curls/waves
Surprisingly, flat irons are very versatile.  It’s endless what style you can create with your hair. There are many techniques you can chose to go about it. I suggest going with what feels comfortable, a good way to practice is on someone else then again on yourself.  The best way to achieve a great curl is by attending a hairstyling workshop, not only are they a lot of fun but informative and hands-on as well.  You’ll get to learn how to create a curl/wave, how it works and how to use it with a flat iron and curling wand. This will help you build your self-confidence and start your day with a fabulous look.

Finishing touches
Once you’ve finished curling your hair allow the curls to cool and set. Run your fingers or brush to loosen up the curl to make them look more natural. Finish off with dry shampoo and a flexible yet strong hold hairspray. It’s all visual and works differently for everyone so finish off styling on what complements your facial features either by changing the part or pinning up the sides to create height and volume.

Want more flat iron tips? If you’re anything like me I’m a visual learner, check out my video – Master The Curl – to create the perfect curl using a flat iron and hair wand.

If you’re ready to learn new skills and be hands-on mastering basic techniques, I would love to see you at my next Master The Curl Workshop // www.theweekendstylist.com

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Michelle Fortunaso

Michelle Fortunaso  

Through her 20 years working as a hair stylist for award-winning salons in Brisbane, Michelle discovered that most of her clients struggled to maintain the look they wanted in their day-to-day life. Her clients often told her "I don't know how to style my hair the same way as it is done in the salon!” and "I want to curl my hair, but don't know where to start?”. Knowing that hairdressers don't often have enough time in their appointments to sit and teach these skills, Michelle created The Weekend Stylist to educate her clients and, in turn, to provide the same empowerment they feel when they leave the salon. Michelle is passionate about helping real women of all ages break through barriers, replacing their anxiety about styling their hair with confidence and positivity. Clients can master hair styling with Michelle’s guidance, addressing their areas of concern with practical advice - all using the tools and products they have at home. Michelle's approach gives women the confidence to style their own looks in between salon visits, and better communicate their styling needs at the salon // www.theweekendstylist.com