Timothy Knapman
All mums are brilliant, and the mum in this story is no exception. She doesn’t wear a cape or fly to Earth from Outer Space, but she runs for the bus so fast it feels like flying, uses her super strength to carry her daughter’s boots, coat, bag AND scooter, and can make bumps and bruises better with just a kiss. This mum really does have superpowers! For ages 2-5.
Nosy Crow, $19.99


Charlotte Friedman
Divorce is not just a legal process, it’s a devastating emotional experience which all too often brings both parties to the ground. But it doesn’t have to be so traumatic. Whichever way you look at it, divorce is an end but it is also a new beginning. This book is designed to guide you through, from separation to renewal, and give you the know-how and confidence to create a genuinely positive new story.
Faber, $19.99


Bec Judd
What you’re not expecting when you’re expecting. Bec Judd has been pregnant quite a lot: three pregnancies, three deliveries and four gorgeous new-born babies. From carrying a baby, delivering it, feeding it and raising it, Bec has experienced almost everything motherhood can throw at you and she wants to share the secrets and stories that she has learnt along the way. Join Bec and her dream team of experts (an obstetrician, a midwife, an ultrasound specialist, a women’s health physio and a paediatric sleep specialist) as they take you month-by-month through your pregnancy. They will share their insider advice on the best ways to eat for two (or three!), stay in shape and get you and your baby sleeping well.
Allen & Unwin, $34.99


Elle Halliwell
On May 1, 2016, well-known fashion journalist Elle Halliwell was diagnosed with leukaemia.
Days later, just as she was telling friends and family about the grim diagnosis, she found out
she was four weeks’ pregnant with her first child. She was faced with an impossible choice: either terminate her unborn baby and begin the treatment that gave her the best chance of survival, or continue with the pregnancy and delay effective intervention for her cancer, a course that could lead to her death. Elle chose her baby over herself, a mother’s choice. Her memoir details her illness, her pregnancy and, against all the odds, the ultimate triumph of giving birth to her son.
Allen & Unwin, $29.99


Jamila Rizvi
After her son was born, Jamila Rizvi felt isolated, exhausted and confused. While desperately in love with her new baby, the world she’d known had disappeared overnight and so had her sense of self. Jamila’s salvation came in the form of a letter. A dear friend, Clare Bowditch – who had been there herself – wrote to tell Jamila she would get through this. Her comforting words reassured Jamila that she was seen, that she was supported and that she was not alone. Now Jamila wants to pay it forward to the next generation of new mothers. The Motherhood is a collection of letters from some of Australia’s favourite women, sharing what they wish they’d known about life with a newborn. Coming from writers with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, no two stories are alike – but all are generous, compassionate and deeply honest.
Viking, $34.99



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