There’s a great kid called Chris. He was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. His answer was: “I want to be Michael Jordan when I grow up.”

The next question he was asked was, “What do you need to do to achieve your dreams?”. He had three things: 1. Get bigger, 2. Shave his head, 3. Be black. I love Chris. He’s a total dude.

Then there is Lucas – he’s 5. If he had one wish, he would wish for all the pizza in the world except vegetable pizza and anchovy pizza. And if he had one more wish he would have one million dollars and the pizza. And if he had a third wish he would have the one million dollars, the pizza and some dinosaurs that would wreck the world. Lucas is a man with a plan.

And finally, time to hear from Louisa. She is 3. When she grows up she will have mint in her water and she will simply grow bigger and bigger and bigger. You go, Louisa!

This year I’ve set myself some goals. The first is to try to be more present, in the moment, stop stressing and take things slowly. Then there are the classic goals: Lose weight, be a better more-fun mother, drink more water, eat better, pay my bills on time, avoid conflict, be on time and save money.

So that’s this year’s list. Surprisingly, it’s the same list that I’ve had for about the last 20 years. So this year, I wrote a second list – the list I know I have a chance to achieve. Here goes: I would like to avoid hangovers, not get bitten by ants, eat less hot chips, go to the movies and not see a kids’ flick at least once, go to the hairdressers every six-ish weeks and try to get rid of all of my notifications on my phone each day. Simple. (*falls about in fits of laughter and sets a reminder in phone to book hairdresser).

Moyra Major

Moyra Major  

Moyra has been a familiar voice on Gold Coast radio for over a decade. Throughout her career in radio she's had the pleasure of interviewing people from all over the globe and has even appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in LA. She loves speaking in public, whether it be through the radio or in front of an audience. But she wasn't always very good at it. Moyra finetuned the skill, starting her own business, Major Confident, in 2015 to those like her who struggled to face an audience // www.majorconfident.com