Mini Bunnies

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Children have a fascination with things that are tiny and cute. Here are some Mini Bunnies to add to your craft list this Easter.

Here’s what you’ll need…cottonball

  • Cotton balls
  • 3 Q Tips
  • Small google eyes
  • Tiny piece of pink pipe cleaner, paper, or craft foam (for the nose)
  • Glue
  • Kitchen scissors



First prepare your bunny’s ears and feet. Cut 2 Q tips a little bit longer than the swab part, these will be the bunny ears. Cut the other Q Tip to make 4 feet, cut them right where the swab part starts.cottanballbunnies1




Put glue on the ends of the long Q Tips and glue them in place on your cotton ball to make the bunny ears.cottanballbunnies2




Glue your last 4 Q Tip swabs onto the bottom of the cotton ball to make the bunny’s feet.cottanballbunnies3




Glue on your eyes and a pink nose and you’re done!cottanballbunnies4



Craft Idea from Busy Bee Kids Crafts



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