Do you have a mini superstar-in-the-making in your family? Amanda Jacobson recounts her personal experience as a child model and shares her insider knowledge on how to break into the talent industry.


When you look back at your childhood, you often think of the positive memories you made through hobbies – whether that was dance, sports or music. For myself, however, my hobby was a little bit different. I was a child model and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I was always a very timid and shy kid, so I wasn’t an obvious choice for it. However, modelling boosted my confidence and shaped me to be the person that I am today.


I was lucky that I stumbled into the industry but for others it often seems difficult or even impossible to get your foot in the door. We often hear about modelling and acting agencies that scam their clients, which scares a lot of parents away from it.  However, there are also amazing agencies out there that can boost your child’s confidence, create experiences they will never forget and allow your child to become the star they were born to be.


I’m often asked which agencies are good and which ones to stay away given my insider knowledge. I’ve found that it is important to look for an agency that provides exciting and diverse roles in numerous productions, as well as providing support and professional training from industry leaders.


An agency that embodies this is Vox Talent Management on the Gold Coast. Their clients have been involved in an array of successful productions such as movies like Narnia, Nim’s Island and Peter Pan and TV shows such as H20 Just Add Water and Mako Island of Secrets. Vox clients have also landed roles in TV commercials for Subway and fashion photography in magazines like Dolly, just to name a few.


Vox Talent Management owner Lamar Brown says his agency has placed thousands of extras on set for more than 50 feature films.


“Just recently we had almost 200 extras on the set of San Andreas, close to 100 for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and more than 80 talented members on set for two Japanese TV documentaries,” he says.


A professional actor, presenter and trainer with more than 30 years of experience, Lamar has an indepth understanding of the industry. He says it’s crucial that parents meet with an agent to see if their child actually wants to join the agency and it’s not just the parents forcing their child into it because they’re excited.


Lamar also admits that the modelling industry in Queensland can be difficult.


“A lot of parents want their child to do catalogue work, but their children aren’t given much of a chance because most of the work is done down south,” he explains. However, Lamar believes that if your child has the right personality, there is plenty of work in TV commercials and film here in Queensland, as he has demonstrated through the numerous Vox clients who’ve scored some great local roles.


A great way to see if your child will fit in to the industry is to try a workshop. Vox Talent Management provides a school holiday program that allows kids to experience a taste of what the industry is like. According to Lamar, the ‘Better Extra Workshop’ and industry seminar provides a start to a great future for his clients and the ‘Actors Workshop 1 for Film & TV’ will further improve clients’ skills.


Vox also runs a junior modelling and acting course that caters to kids from the ages of 7 to 13 years. This course is perfect for kids who already have natural talent for acting or modelling, or even for those who just want a fun after-school activity. But, importantly, courses like this are perfect for those who, like myself, need a way to break out of their shell and build important life skills, such as confidence.


Visit www.voxmanagement.com.au

Words // Amanda Jacobson




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