We all know those parents who post daily photos of their kids on Facebook, but what’s the impact?

The Internet and social media have changed the world. Kids are growing up in a different world where they have access to everything at the click of a button. This means their parents do too.

While social media has crept up on us, it is now playing huge role in our lives, with 95% of mums with young kids sharing their children’s photos on Facebook.

Murdoch University communications lecturer and researcher Dr Catherine Archer says ‘sharenting’ isn’t without risks and parents need to be tech savvy to ensure their privacy settings are up-to-date.

“Forty per cent of parents say they are strongly concerned of their children’s privacy, but the keep sharing their kids’ photos on Facebook,” Catherine says. “For many of them the digital literacy isn’t there. The privacy settings can be too hard to access or update.”

Why are we ‘sharenting’?

So if parents are so concerned about their child’s safety why do they continue to share the photos?

Catherine says ‘sharenting’ has emerged as many people use Facebook to catch up with families and friends.

“One of the ways to connect with friends and family as a new parent is to post photos of your children on Facebook,” Catherine says.

‘Sharenting’ extends beyond just a need to connect with friends and family but a feeling of isolation new mothers can often feel. Mums have also reported to using Facebook when they are bored at home or even during breastfeeding.

Think twice before you post

We need to remember that Facebook is a business and once the photos are out there – they are out there forever.

There is also contention about the rights of the children in these photos, who can’t provide informed consent to having their photos published online.

If you’re guilty of ‘sharenting’ the number one thing you can do is double check your privacy settings to make sure only your friends and family can see your posts.



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