Winter is finally here, people. But blink and you’ll miss it. Embrace the chill and use it as an excuse to update your interior styling in on-trend monochrome. Here’s how.

Finally, now that it’s July, we are feeling that true chill of winter most nights and early mornings. The early-setting sun is a blessing to parents, as children settle into their cuddly pyjamas and night routines earlier than normal. Thank you, Mother Nature.

The change of season means tweaking your interior design just slightly to keep your house and its occupants cosy. To really give your home that warm, welcoming, snuggly and cuddly July vibe, there are a few winter essential decorating tips that scream ‘Put another log on the re!’. And there are bonus points if you can also embrace the current (yet classic) monochrome look while ‘winterfying’ your home.

1. It’s obvious, but add some wool in the way of oversized knitted accessories for your loungeroom. Think throws, beanbags, ottomans and cushions. We love Nickel.N.Co for their chunky knitted throws, cushions and even coasters. Delish!

2. Layer up chairs, rugs etc with a fluffy sheepskin or, for something a little different, an ethically sourced deer hide. Layering provides the visual feeling of comfort and warmth.

3. Freshen up your colour scheme with this winter’s hottest (and easiest) colour palette: monochrome. But don’t be thinking you’ve got to paint walls black or make any other major changes. Simply remove some of the bold, bright colours of summer and replace with black, white and greys. Pop your colourful scatter cushions away and get some newbies in edgy black/white prints. They will go with any lounge. Also, think wall art. Swap out that vibrant oral hanging piece for something a little moodier. Black-and-white framed photography is another way to shift into a more monochrome look. If black and white is, well, too black and white for you, simply add a few pops of tan, camel or even some strong teal blues, which are all on-trend this winter.

Olive + Joy interior designer and homewares designer Julie Palmer agrees.

“If you do choose to decorate with black and white, it’s important to add indoor plants and natural bres in a few accent pieces such as baskets or wall hangings to give some much needed warmth to your space,” she says.

Most days of the week, Paradise Point-based Julie can be found in her studio up to her elbows in ink and clay producing homewares for her Olive + Joy label (pictured left). Monochrome is a strong influence in her current range.

“Natural bres and handmade methods of printing and making are a key element of my brand. I select quality linen and hemp/organic cotton base cloths and print them by hand using a range of methods including screen-printing and the age-old art of block printing,” Julie says.

“Working with a monochrome palette, especially for your staple items, makes it easy to change the look through pattern and texture, rather than colour.

“The best part is that everything goes together!”

Visit www.oliveandjoy.com



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