MooGoo Skin Care recently released their Natural SPF 40 Sunscreen. Many regard sunscreen as an inconvenient necessity. Sometimes they can be greasy, sometimes they contain ingredients that may not be in-line with what they would normally put on their skin or their child, and there can also be some confusion about how they should be used.


Here are the basics of good sunscreen use:


  • There are 2 categories of sunscreen. Most commercial sunscreens use UV Filters to absorb UV radiation and for this reason gradually break down on the skin. They generally need to be reapplied every 1 to 2 hours, as per the directions, to maintain adequate sun protection. These type of sunscreens are often lighter and easy to apply, and a little cheaper to purchase. The other type of sunscreen uses Zinc Oxide to reflect UV radiation away from the skin, acting like a reflective barrier. Clear Zinc Oxide sunscreens rub in clear, but first needs to warm to body temperature and require a little extra effort for application, and can be a bit thicker in consistency.


  • A high SPF number does not mean a sunscreen will provide sun protection for a longer period of time. SPF measures sun protection at a given time, which is tested about 20 minutes after application, not hours after application. Some sunscreens need to be reapplied often in sunlight to maintain their SPF level. A high SPF will give many hours of protection, provided it is used as directed.


  • Sunscreens do not need to list all of the ingredients they contain, only the active ones and the preservatives used.  This can make it difficult for people with allergies to certain ingredients, specific beliefs such as Veganism, or a preference for natural ingredients.


The best sun protection, and first line of defence is good clothing, a hat and avoiding the sun during peak hours. The next step is to choose the type of sunscreen you are most comfortable with and applying it as directed. If your sunscreen requires frequent reapplication, make sure not to forget!


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