Mother’s Day is approaching fast, and to ensure you enjoy the sweetest rewards for the hardest job, we’ve put together haven’s list of what’s hot and not. Print this out and leave it conspicuously on the kitchen bench, forward to a friend (or your significant other), or take charge and treat yourself with a ‘gift to self’. However you choose to celebrate motherhood next week, we’ve got mum-friendly gift ideas for all budgets.


Hot or Not? Not . . . by a long shot!

If the Mother’s Day gift list comprises any of the following, abort, delete, check the refund policy, empty cart immediately!


Nightwear – dressing gowns, fluffy slippers, Uggs, or any form of nightwear will not win brownie points from the Boss. Cutesy onesies, bedazzled slips, designer negligee – all will be accompanied with either a, “Seriously? We’re now in the flannelette zone?” or a “Is this a gift for me or for you?” withering stare. Far too risky for the average man to conquer, and far too uncomfortable for him to ask for help in the lingerie store, this can only end in tears . . . more often than not, his. Do not attempt.


Appliances – toaster, kettle, lawn mower, vacuum – we’ve all heard the urban myths about husbands actually buying these for their wives for Mother’s Day. Because, if you have a job to do, why not get the best tools to do it, right? Wrong. The only time an appliance is acceptable is if it’s a Thermomix and the mother in question has expressed her unerring desire to make a three course meal with one contraption which justifies the expense of your first car. Buy an electric appliance without the express request from ‘mum’ and it could be dad who gets a shock.


Jewellery – again, this is risky business. Unless she’s pointed it out, sent you a link or circled a catalogue, buying jewellery is fraught with danger. She’ll feel obliged to say she loves it, even while she’s thinking, “how can I have children with this man and he has no idea what I like?”. And given jewellery is so personal, there’s no way she can return it, which means she’ll either wear it under sufferance or hide it in her wardrobe where she seethes at the expense of an unwanted, unworn gift every time she opens the closet door.


What’s Hot? The Gift of Time.

Ask any mum what she needs more of and the answer is invariably TIME. So we’ve put together haven’s hit list of hot gifts to give mum the time she wants, with options to suit all budgets.


$$$$ – Time Out

A night away by herself, completely alone, without husband or kids seems counterintuitive for a Mother’s Day gift, but as any mum knows, there is no greater luxury than a vast empty bed with a guarantee of no night-time intruders, a bath without dinosaurs / Lego / rubber ducks / safety mats, a TV that remains resolutely OFF (or at least off ABC4Kids) and the freedom to read uninterrupted, drink endless cups of tea while still hot, sip champagne on a sun-soaked balcony without fear of the kids climbing over the railing, and wake up when you choose to. Bliss. We love northern New South Wales and the Sunny Coast for easy, accessible, relaxing short breaks. Wotif, Trip Advisor and Trivago offer great deals – check it out, and check mum in.


$$$ – Prep Time

No man will ever understand the value of this gift, but trust us, she’ll love it. Anything you can do to make the morning rush easier and get out the door feeling prepped and glammed reaps rewards long after Mother’s Day. So we’re all about eyebrow tattooing or tinting, eyelash extensions, microdermabrasion facials and skincare that gets your glow on with minimum of fuss. On the Gold Coast, Sibina is the eyebrow master – seriously, the fastest, easiest way to look groomed, take years off your face and eliminate the need for much more than mascara and lip gloss. I Boutique in Brisbane are nationally renowned for their feather touch tattooing technique, while Pretty Please Beauty on the Coast do lash extensions for girlie glam and an eyelash lift that opens your peepers for up to six weeks so you look bright eyed and bushy tailed even when you’ve had two kids and a dog in your bed since 2am. Rejuvenate Me’s mineral primer is good enough to be used on its own or under foundation – think gleamy, glowy, flawless skin. Whatever mum’s “look” there’s a pampering option to suit. And if it’s all too much for hubby, a gift voucher is the perfect gift to self that mum can organise online or over the phone. Mother’s Day made easy.


$$ – PB Time

We’re all about health and wellness at haven – whatever your sport, interest or passion, if it gets you moving, gets the blood pumping and puts a smile on your dial, it’s time well spent. And if you can look great doing it, it’s win: win! We’re loving the Garmin Vivoactive or Vivofit3 with interchangeable bands to track our gains while looking great on the school run, at work, out to dinner – wherever your busy schedule takes you.


$ – Free Time

We’re talking about free time that’s actually FREE. When budgets are tight (and aren’t they always?!) a brilliant gift that’s actually priceless is uninterrupted, ‘me time’. A voucher, a promise or a scheduled day off where hubby takes the kids while you relax, meet girlfriends or do whatever the heck you want can be the best gift of all. Add a carefully chosen card with a heartfelt message from the most important people in your world, and you’ve got Mother’s Day all ‘wrapped’ up.


Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.