Big ones, small ones, tall ones, short ones. We all have one – and that’s a mum. Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, mums too don’t ever fit a societal mould. Just ask this bunch of women who are juggling the mother lode.

On the eve of Mother’s Day 2017, haven sat down with a variety of mums to discuss all things motherhood – that hardest job of all. Here’s what ABBY COLEMAN had to say…

Abby Coleman can be heard every weekday morning across South-East Queensland alongside Stav, Matty and Osher on HIT 105’s leading breakfast show. But away from the morning mic and her male radio offsiders, Abby’s got two other VIMs (very important males) in her life – her two young sons.

At what point (if any) did you realise you were ready to be a mum?
My friend was working at a fertility centre and asked if I wanted to take an “egg timer test” to test my supposed egg reserve. On our honeymoon my husband and I actually talked about never having children but when we returned and got the test results (and they weren’t positive) they said if we wanted children we should think about trying straight away. It changed our minds and the next month we were pregnant! I’m not sure about the test in hindsight – ha ha!

Were there any pregnancy cravings or habits you find strange in hindsight?
Lemons! I couldn’t get enough of them. I was so desperate to eat a lemon one night and the shops were shut so my husband walked around the neighbourhood to find a lemon tree for me!

How did you come up with your baby names?
By downloading endless baby name apps!

What surprises you most about watching your kids grow up?
How you can raise children the same but their personalities are so different.

Which three words would others use to describe you as a mother?
I’m. Always. Tired

Which traits of yours are you happy your kids inherited?
I’m not loving it at the moment but I’m sure their stubborn, independent and determined attributes will help them later in life.

Are there any traits you feel guilty for passing on?
My oldest is highly dramatic and talks non stop without listening. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

If you could describe your kids with a movie or song title, what would it be?
“Who let the dogs out” – that’s not in a bad way it just happens to be their favourite song at the moment and it’s always chaos when they are around!

What is the most hilarious thing your child(ren) have said or done?
My oldest son has spelled out swear words! I heard him in the backyard telling his brother “You really are S. H. I. T.” I had a giggle before I told him he couldn’t do that at school!

What do you admire most in your own mum or mother figure?
My mother did everything possible to give my brothers and I the best opportunities with a smile on her face. I didn’t realise at the time but when my father lost his job, my mum worked two jobs so she wouldn’t have to cancel my ballet lessons or have us kids go without.

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