Big ones, small ones, tall ones, short ones. We all have one – and that’s a mum. Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, mums too don’t ever fit a societal mould. Just ask this bunch of women who are juggling the mother lode.

On the eve of Mother’s Day 2017, haven sat down with a variety of mums to discuss all things motherhood – that hardest job of all. Here’s what SHELLEY MASON had to say…

As the founder and director of Lime Tree Kids, a business devoted to offering a wide range of toys and products for kids and parents, most would agree that Shelley Mason was born to be a mum. After years of trying naturally unsuccessfully, she finally got the call that there was a little boy in Taiwan waiting for her and her husband. Meet the proud mother of Samuel Jr-En (10) and now also Sienna Ju-Juian (6).

What do you admire most in your own mum or mother figure?
Her resilience and determination to do her best despite difficult circumstances.

At what point (if any) did you realise you were ready to be a mum?
I have always wanted to be a mum from a young age. At around 21, when I got married, I became desperate to make that happen.

How did you come up with your baby names?
Through 10 years of infertility treatments and even more years on the adoption journey we had PLENTY of time to think up names. We actually came up with our first son Samuel’s name within five minutes of us getting the call, advising us that he had been allocated to us. The name Samuel wasn’t one we chose, but it came straight to my mind – we found out later that Samuel means ‘God has heard’ or ‘asked of God’ in Hebrew, which was definitely fitting. Both of our children have also got their Taiwanese birth name as their middle names as something that ties them to their birth culture and birth mothers.

What surprises you most about seeing your kids grow up?
Mostly how time flies! It seems like only yesterday that they were babies and we were flying over to Taiwan to meet them and bring them home. Also seeing what is coming out of them, and how it’s formed. For instance my daughter is incredibly crafty and drawn to baking and creating, but I am NOT that way at all and sometimes struggle to help her feel she is getting enough in this area. I often wonder if that’s biological, which I think is something that parents who adopted often wonder when they see their kids growing up – that old ‘Nature versus Nurture’ theory…

Which three words would others use to describe you as a mother?
Encouraging, understanding and protective.

Which values have you tried to instill in your kids?
Keep trying and never give up. Be kind, thoughtful and loving to others. But above all else, we try to instill in them the sense of being valued and loved no matter what!

If you could describe your kids with a movie or song title, what would it be?
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine – you make me happy when skies are grey! You’ll never know dears, how much we love you… You’re our babies forever and a day…”

What is the most hilarious thing your children have said or done?
My kids are brutally honest – they’re black and white on everything so there are SO many funny things. To be honest they make me laugh and laugh all day every day!

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