Big ones, small ones, tall ones, short ones. We all have one – and that’s a mum. Just as people come in all shapes and sizes, mums too don’t ever fit a societal mould. Just ask this bunch of women who are juggling the mother lode.

On the eve of Mother’s Day 2017, haven sat down with a variety of mums to discuss all things motherhood – that hardest job of all. Here’s what SUE PORRETT had to say…

Sue Porrett keeps pretty busy as the CEO, founder and producer of the Gold Coast’s Aerial Angels, a creative powerhouse responsible for award-winning, show stopping aerial artistry, acrobatics, stilt walkers, dancers, circus acts and so much more. But that’s nothing compared to juggling triplets Kash, Solei and Aria (aged 9) as a single mum.

What do you admire most in your own mum or mother figure?
My mother passed away when I was a teenager so I mostly remember the teaching and protective side of her. I always admired how she explained everything to me so well, instead of saying just NO!

Were there any pregnancy cravings or habits that you find strange in hindsight?
My pregnancy cravings were ‘cheese and crackers’ but as soon as I ate them they came back out! I did not have the best time as there were three babies growing at once in there!

At what point (if any) did you realise you were ready to be a mum?
I never did…I still don’t…. I’m just taking it day by day but loving every bit of it!

How did you come up with your baby names?
I came up with three names – one boy and two girls – and was concerned as to how I would choose, as I loved them all. Lucky for me, I had one boy and two girls in one go… seriously!!

What surprises you most about seeing your kids grow up?
I am constantly surprised by their little memories and what they bring up out of the blue. It’s just delightful!

Which three words would others use to describe you as a mother?
Fast, funny and fabulous!!

Which traits of yours are you happy your kids inherited?
Maybe the humour? I hope so. I don’t want them to take life so seriously.

Are there any traits you feel guilty for passing on?
My humour – haha! Oh and maybe my germphobia!

If you could describe your kids with a movie or song title, what would it be?
La La Land

What is the most hilarious thing your children have said or done?
Too many to mention, but just recently my middle daughter Solei came back from a party and started chatting about the food (she loves food) and she said: “Oh Mummy, I had the most delicious Scrambled Egg Pie!” It was, in fact, a quiche…

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