Get creative with these five craft projects! Not only will your kids be learning a brand-new skill, but they’ll have something to show off when school starts back. A simple google will reveal the best ways to get started.

A form of hand embroidery, cross-stitching involves stitching thread through a special kind of fabric – known as Aida – that can be stretched across a wooden hoop for ease of handling. It’s simple enough to pick up and the materials are relatively cheap and easily found, making it a cool school holiday activity to introduce to your kids. When it comes to cross-stitching, the world seriously is your oyster – you can stitch cute quotes, floral patterns, your favourite animal, movie characters or even your pet. Their cutesy, vintage charm makes finished cross-stitch works the perfect way to display some tongue-in-cheek humour around your home. Some of our favourite cross-stitched quotes we’ve seen include, “Warning: this is proof I have the patience to stab something 1000 times” and “I got 99 problems but a stitch ain’t one” and “Have a nice poop!” – proving that cross-stitch works are the bathroom décor you never knew you needed.

The boho home décor item of your dreams is actually not that difficult to DIY. Combining different knotting techniques, macramé wall hangings make for the perfect school holiday or weekend project. And much like crochet, once you’ve mastered a few basic techniques, you’re pretty much good to go. Macramé kits are easy to find in craft and bargain stores, but if you can’t track one down, all you’ll need is a hoop or stick of some kind, scissors and plenty of macramé cord. You can also include beads, if you’re feeling fancy. The key knots you’ll need to know are the Lark’s Head knot, a square knot, a double-square knot and a double half-hitch knot – which sound complicated, but are actually pretty simple. Hit the Googles for more. With just an hour of patience and practice, and you’ll discover that making macramé wall hangings is something that you, and even your kids, can easily achieve these holidays.

You may think that knitting is reserved for elderly ladies waiting at the bus stop, but there is actually a tonne of things you can create, right now, as a knitting novice. From chunky garter stitch scarves to knit caps, headbands and pillow cases, there are hundreds of reasons to pick up knitting these school holidays. Take your kids to your local craft supply store and let them pick out their own coloured wool, then throw on a YouTube video or find an easy how-to guide and get knitting. The best part is, learning how to knit will give you something relaxing yet engaging to do while you wait at school pick-up, sit on the sidelines at weekend sport and, when you’re an elderly lady yourself, wait for the bus. Plus, it’s waaaaaay more productive than sitting on your phone scrolling through social media.

Art and about
If you’re stuck for inspiration indoors, head out to one of the many great art and craft spots around town. West End’s RAW Art offers an impressive range of workshops for kids of just about any age, with specific holiday workshops tailored to your child’s abilities and interests. Their workshops are fun, hands-on and are sure to make your kids walk out the door with a huge smile on their face – and an artistic creation to proudly display at home. Similarly, you could pop by The Craft Parlour at Burleigh Heads for some crafty fun. Not only do the clever folks at The Craft Parlour put on engaging kids’ workshops, they also offer kids’ craft parties for maximum fun. Or, if you’d like to keep out of the cold, why not sign up to a Mrs Red’s Art Room subscription, which delivers a box full of creativity (literally) to your doorstep every single month. With all of the instructions and materials to make the designated masterpiece of the month, your kids will be well on their way to becoming pint-sized Picassos or mini Matisses.

What do grocery bags, slippers, pot plant holders, placemats and coats have in common? They’re all things that you can crochet! It doesn’t take long to pick up the basics of crochet and once you’ve mastered the technique, there are a bunch of different creations that you can crochet. Make sure you start with a light-coloured yarn so that you can see exactly where you need to insert your crochet hook, and try to pick up a hook that matches the weight of your yarn (most yarn labels will suggest an ideal hook size). With a little practice, you’ll be able to create a slip knot, a foundation chain and a single crochet stitch – the most basic kind of crochet stitch that, once mastered, makes a perfect starting point for more complex stitches. Once you’ve got all of that down pat, you’ll be well on your way to crocheting clothes, accessories, homewares, toys and so much more.



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