A world-first play app released this month by Nature Play proves you don’t need to re-mortgage the house buying ‘developmental toys’ to benefit your bub.


GROW with Nature Play is a practical play app for 0-3 year olds, giving parents simple suggestions on incorporating outdoor play activities into everyday life, and highlighting the benefits of nature on babies’ early childhood development.


Dr Rachael Sharman, lecturer and researcher in psychology specialising in child/adolescent development, said Australia had seen some alarming backslides in child development over the last couple of decades and resources like GROW with Nature Play were vital to halt this ongoing decline around children’s physical and cognitive skills.


GROW with Nature Play_Hyahno & Ralphie“Early brain development is activity-dependent, meaning what babies do shapes how their brains grow,” Dr Sharman said.


Benefits to babies include improved focus, creativity and confidence, along with the development of fine motor skills.


Hyahno Moser, Program Manager of Nature Play QLD and passionate advocate for the benefits of unstructured outdoor play for children, said the GROW with Nature Play app is a valuable resource for parents to set their children up for future success.


“Parents may feel pressured to spend up big on educational toys for children in their formative years when one of the greatest educational play resources can be accessed simply by putting down a picnic rug in nature.”


“GROW with Nature Play is a powerful tool for parents to fuel their children’s exploration, imagination and experimentation and is also a beautiful way for parents to bond with their baby.”


GROW with Nature Play Logo RESIZENature Play QLD is part of the national Nature Play network including program founder Nature Play WA and Nature Play SA.


GROW with Nature Play has been developed by Nature Play QLD in consultation with the Nature Play network.


GROW with Nature Play is available now on iTunes and GooglePlay.



Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

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