There was double delight for Dreamworld with the arrival of tiger cub sisters earlier this year.

Dreamworld’s adorable sister cubs took their first steps through the park for tiger conservation last month, meeting awe-struck guests and preparing to meet some of their older Tiger Island family members.

Melati and Mya now weigh a healthy 5.6kg and 6.51kg respectively and will begin the transition from their nursery den to their new cub kindy precinct in the coming weeks, as well as daily walks around the park.

As part of Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation’s (DWF) conservation efforts for tigers in the wild, Melati and Mya will play an important role to help save their wild cousins with the VIP Tiger Cub Experience. With less than 4000 tigers left in the wild, the VIP Tiger Cub Experience program raises funds for tigers in the wild.

This experience of a lifetime will get park visitors up close to the tiger cubs and will give them the chance to learn about the plight of wild tigers from Dreamworld’s experienced tiger handlers who will be with guests through the duration of the experience. Participants will also receive a gift bag including photos taken throughout to capture the memories.

Other ways to contribute to DWF include the Adopt- A-Tiger program (available online or in-park) or one-off donation made to any of the donation boxes located around Tiger Island. There is also a range of merchandise for sale in the Tiger Bazaar Shop, with a portion of the proceeds going towards DWF.

“So far, our various fundraising initiatives including Donate, Adopt and Experience, DWF has raised more than $2 million to help save tigers in the wilds of Sumatra and Russia,” General Manager Life Sciences, Al Mucci says.

“The results of these contributions towards anti-poaching teams in Sumatra, speak for themselves with Wild Cats Conservation Alliance reporting a 78 percent reduction of active snares recorded in the region last year compared to the previous year. The teams have also seen an increased frequency of tiger presence in the area in that time.”

“We have a long way to go, but these promising results show us how important it is to continue the fight for tiger conservation, and every cent counts.”

“These two beautiful cubs will be fantastic global ambassadors for their endangered cousins in the wild”

Melati and Mya are growing quickly and starting to show their personalities more with Melati more outgoing and inquisitive than her sister. The cubs are drinking 500ml of formula across four feeds per day and gaining up to 1kg per week.

Celebrating 23 years this year, Tiger Island is currently home to 10 adult tigers and two cubs.

Dreamworld is a Welfare Accredited member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, the peak body representing the zoo and aquarium community throughout Australasia.





Wild Tiger Conservation Fast Facts

  1. Tigers are listed as critically endangered, which classifies them as “Very High Risk of Extinction in the Wild”
  2. Due to poaching and deforestation, it is estimated there are fewer than 4000 wild tigers in the world today
  3. The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation has contributed more than $2 million toward Tiger Conservation programs since launching in 2012
  4. Money raised at Dreamworld for the Wildlife Foundation goes directly to fund frontline conservation activities in tiger conservation areas in Russia and Indonesia
  5. Dreamworld provides funding to organisations such as Wild Cats (formerly 21st Century Tiger), Fauna and Flora International and The Pheonix Fund. These organisations police the jungles to find and destroy tiger traps and track and arrest poachers. They also run programs in local communities to educate people on the critically endangered status of wild tigers
  6. All tigers at Dreamworld were bred in wildlife centres. None of the tigers at Dreamworld were removed from the wild.




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