Ah Toddlers: those tiny, lawless humans fine-tuning their leadership skills in the most public of places. It’s a beautiful and wonderful age and Dreamworld is lapping it up as their gorgeous cubbies pounce playfully into Tiger Toddlerhood. Yes those stripey bundles of adorable fun are almost one and they’re full of the magic, mischief and personality we love in our own darling cubs.

Last month, Dreamworld’s distinguished and majestic big cats returned to Tiger Island after a multi-million-dollar upgrade, brand new viewing areas, shading and tiered seating, big screens and an awesome splash-pool with underwater viewing. With lots of new features to help guests feel closer to Dreamworld’s tigers than ever before, this tropical oasis has one overriding purpose to increase awareness of the plight of tigers in the wild and raise funds to help save this critically endangered species.

Putting their best paw forward for tiger conservation, Dreamworld’s five tiger toddlers are the ‘New Kids On The Block’, ‘Hangin’ Tough’ and ‘Step By Stepping’ onto the iconic island for the very first time. While the big cats relax in the shade, these leaping, wrestling tiger terrors are fine-tuning their hunting skills and tiger-handler bonds with breathtaking displays that will make you both gasp and giggle.

cm2_0545-resizeWe thought we’d spend a little time introducing you to the wonderful and distinctive new personalities taking over Tiger Island. It’s time to get to know the New Kids On The Block:

Kai  ‘The Cheeky’ Born 25/07/15

Kai was born at Dreamworld as a single cub to Nika and Raja. He’s the big brother, and an extremely cheeky cat who loves to interact with all of the other tigers, young and old. Kai’s very athletic and loves to test his luck and skills on the handlers as well!

Adira ‘The Rested’ Born 29/11/15

Part of Nika and Raja’s second litter, Adira is usually quiet and shy, unless pestered too much by her boisterous sister, Akasha and the other cats. Adira loves to relax and can be a little lazy preferring to catch a return trip to Tiger Island in the Cub Car after a long walk in the park.

Akasha  ‘The Feisty’ Born 29/11/15

Adira’s feisty sister and the other half of Nika and Raja’s second litter, Akasha is an inquisitive tiger who loves to explore her surroundings. Always looking for mischief, she loves to cause trouble, often roping in her sister or her favourite partner in crime, big brother Kai.

Kiko ‘The Shy’ Born 02/11/15

Kiko was born at Hirakawa Zoo in Kagashima, Japan and arrived at Dreamworld in February 2016 with her gorgeous sister Kali. Extremely shy as a young cub, Kiko is growing more confident everyday but often likes to sit back, watch from a distance and let her sister do the talking.

Kali ‘The Bold’ Born 02/11/15

Born at Hirakawa Zoo in Kagashima, Japan, Kali and her sister Kiko joined the Tiger Island family as very young cubs. Unlike her sister, Kali has a bold nature, is quick to stand up for herself and always holds her ground. Kali is extremely popular with both handlers and guests and has quickly settled into her new home.

The second stage of the precinct will open just before Christmas including a new Sumatran Tiger habitat, a revamped lair for Dreamworld’s ‘non-contact’ tigers and a crawl-though tunnel with protected windows that will put kids face-to-face with these breath-taking predators. Get down and check out Dreamworld’s New Kids On The Block with all ‘The Right Stuff’ for an awesome, educational and fun day out!


Cubs in top image from left – right; Adira, Kai, Akasha, Kali, Kiko



Dreamworld, through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation is the largest contributor to tiger conservation worldwide. The park’s seven adult tigers and five cubs are ambassadors for their wild counterparts, raising money and awareness to fund anti-poaching teams and other conservation initiatives in Sumatra and Russia. To get involved or find out more, see www.dwf.com.au.

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