Sensitive, charming and full of hope, ‘New Owner’ is a new show for children about loss, friendship and new beginnings.

From the creators of ‘The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer’ and ‘It’s Dark Outside,’ ‘New Owner’ combines puppetry, live action and animation to take audiences into a world of adventure, as seen through a dog’s eyes.

Bernie is a boisterous puppy waiting to be chosen from the animal shelter. Mabel is a lonely widow, trying to fill the hole in her heart. The day they find each other is the beginning of a profound friendship – but Mabel is old, and Bernie is young.

Together they must embark on their next chapter, uncovering loss, friendship, and new beginnings. This wonder-inducing portrayal allows audiences to experience a deeply touching look at life while touching on difficult themes in a child-friendly way.

Suitable for all ages, the collective of theatre makers at The Last Great Hunt have created a deeply moving and internationally revered theatrical experience. 




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