With so many worthwhile causes constantly trying to raise money, it can be hard to make the organisations you care about stand out from the crowd. For the next fundraiser at your child’s school, sports club or extra-curricular activity, give one of these ideas a try.

Make a coupon book
Coupon books take a little bit of legwork to organise, but they’re an incredible way to not only raise funds for your child’s school or sports club, but also support local businesses! Pay a visit to some of the best restaurants, stores and activity centres in your city to see whether they would be willing to offer small discount coupons (think 10% off or $5 to $10 vouchers) to go into your coupon book. Then, design the books, have them printed and sell them to raise money for your chosen organisation!

Create a pledge challenge
Much like the CEO Sleep Out or the Walk for Awareness, a pledge challenge involves having people sponsor you to completing a difficult task. You could make the challenge relevant to your chosen organisation (it may be to complete a fitness activity to raise money for your children’s sports clubs, or read a certain number of books for their school) or choose something random. Whatever it is, make sure it’s wow-worthy enough to encourage people to part with their hard earned cash!

Host a bric a brac sale
They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in the case of bric a brac fundraisers, that trash can also turn into valuable donations! Choose a time and place, then have the members of your school or sporting community bring their unwanted items along for the ultimate sale. All of the proceeds will go to your worthwhile cause, and the people who participate will have the chance to offload the things they no longer want (and maybe pick up a few things they didn’t know they needed!).

Match the baby picture competitions
There is something so entertaining about seeing baby pictures of the people you know and love, so why not turn it into a fun fundraiser? Choose your entrants (the more well-known they are in your community, the better) and display their baby photos, unnamed, in a communal area. Whoever wants to place their guesses can do so by donating a gold coin, and the winner (or winners) will receive a small prize for their efforts.

Host an event
Ticketed events are a great way to raise money, while also giving your donors something in return. The key to a successful fundraising event is to keep the overheads as low as possible, so try to DIY as much as you can. BYO trivia nights at your sport’s clubhouse are a lot of fun, as are DIY paint and sip classes. For something a little more wholesome, how about a Saturday morning yoga session followed by a sausage sizzle in your local park?

If you’re looking for tips to nail your next fundraiser, head here.



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