There’s nothing like a global pandemic to change life as we know it, eh? But while social distancing meant simply staying inside for many of us, small business owners were faced with a tremendous challenge: how to continue “business as usual” through highly unusual circumstances. 

We chatted to Heather McLellan-Johnson, director of Medical on Miami & Burleigh Cove Medical, about how they adapted to not only survive, but thrive!

As a business owner, what was the biggest challenge COVID-19 threw your way?
Biggest challenge was keeping up with the hour-by-hour changes and updates in information and steering the practices towards safety for our Doctors and Staff, to best serve our community.

What was your biggest learning through it all?
When we need to move it, we can move it. A great many things come from collaboration.

What is one way your business got creative in order to survive (and hopefully thrive!) during COVID-19?
We saw industries where many jobs were being lost or stood down and tried to grab as many people we could afford who were willing to stand all day taking temperatures, or nurses to assist in the COVID-19 clinic. This allowed patients to still come into the practices while transitioning towards TeleHealth and been seen in a timely basis in Burleigh Cove Respiratory Clinic.

How have the past few months changed your business strategy moving forward?
It’s more reinforced our strategy, to remain steadfast to our principles, like “What is the highest good?”, “How can we attempt to sustain all employment?”, “What cut-backs can we make that are not staff-outcome effected?”.

What does your new normal look like?
New normal looks like 1.) Waiting and watching – lower alert than before though! 2.) Everyone has their temps taken, and their hands sanitised in an effort to protect each other 3.) If you’re a staff member and you have a cold you’re outta here! Get swabbed and stay home until better.



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