There is something beautiful about being aware of nature. It’s a good way to slow down and be mindful. This is a quality I have strived to instil in my children, and the change of season is a wonderful way to take a celebrate the beauty around us.

One of my favourite transitions is from summer to autumn! The change that comes through with autumn is a promise of the glorious winter to come, fresh mornings that turn into sunny days. And, there are the leaves! Over the years, the children and I have enjoyed so many activities with fallen leaves that increasingly appear around us during the season. Below is a selection of fun ideas.

Rainbow Leaves
This is my favourite. It’s amazing how many colours you can find on a nature walk. Simply bring a bag or basket and collect leaves you find. When you get home, challenge the children to arrange them in shade colour. We sometimes thread our rainbow leaves on a string and hang them along the windows.

Paint leaves
Those nice dry leaves on the ground make great mini canvasses for paint. Decorate the leaves with dots, lines and hang them to celebrate the season.

Hole punch
Next picnic trip, take mini single hole punch with you – kids will have a blast. Fun shapes like stars and hearts work well. Punch holes in the leaves and this makes natural “glitter” or hold up the leaf and look through the hole at the sky.

Caterpillar leaves
Glue three or four pom poms on a leaf to make a cute “caterpillar” craft.

Trace leaves
Find some interestingly-shaped leaves and place under a piece of paper. Rub a crayon over the top to reveal the pattern underneath.

Leaf-inspired drawing
Combine leaves in drawings. For example, draw a trunk of a tree and glue the leaves on, make leaf people with google eyes, or what about using the leaves to make a mane of a lion or the feathers of a bird.

Nature Crown
Cut a paper bag for your crown base and glue leaves on to make a nature crown.

Playdough nature landscape
Use sticks and leaves to create a nature landscape in a playdough base.

Each season has its own beauty, be inspired and make the most of it.

Kelly Burstow

Kelly Burstow  

Kelly is the founder of the Be A Fun Mum community. She is passionate about creating your own kind of motherhood, celebrating differences in others, and investing in ways to add value to family life in everyday moments. In between blogging about her parenting adventures, you’ll find her travelling as much as possible, chipping away at study, doing marketing for a small Brisbane business, driving children around and drinking lots of coffee. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband, four children and pet bird. She’s never outgrown her love for Cookie Monster // www.beafunmum.com