Let’s shop! Or, rather, take a whole bucket of inspiration and get out that Christmas ‘to do’ list. Love it or loathe it, people, we have some shopping to do! Luckily the haven team has put together a rainbow of gift ideas you’re sure to devour from books and bags to beauty products and bunnies. We know you are dying to hear what the Number 1 toy is this year, as well. Well, we’ve got that answer in these pages, too.

Before you start your shopping planning though, flick to Page 14 for some epic Christmas time management tips. You’ll be so excited you may just pull out your special glitter pen to write a list (I know I will be!)

Now it’s called Silly Season for a reason (and it’s not just because we indulge in too many drinks). It’s the full calendar, the racing around to year-end parties, recitals, school awards and, well, you get the drift. Amongst the busyness, think of the joy that will beam from your child’s face when they nail their dance routine. Or the proud moment you celebrate an academic or sport achievement they worked so hard for this year. How happy will you feel as you praise your team for an amazing, creative year (yep, hear the applause for our crew!).

Don’t forget to take a moment, say no, breathe (hard to believe you can forget to do that!) and hopefully you’ll find something to ease your hurry in the pages of haven this month. Whether you cross one gift off your shopping list, find the perfect event to celebrate at or dig that app that calculates your Christmas budget, we’ve wrapped up a pretty rad issue for you right here.

Happy days!

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