We’re talking about wellness in this issue of haven and it’s great timing as we regroup and reenergise for the silly season. How ironic that this issue starts off with a beautiful feature about the book ‘Slow’ (it’s so going on my Christmas wish list!) and here we are, racing to make deadline, juggling kids on school holidays, slurping one too many coffees and admittedly I threw in my exercise class this morning to give myself extra time at the office.

So let’s get back on track and share some stories on wellness. This issue is packed with expert tips, stellar lessons and loads of giveaways. Plus we have our regular rad columns featuring fashion, events, education and more!

As busy parents let’s make a pact to remind each other to look after ‘you’. Whether that’s a long walk, going for brekkie after school drop off or a Netflix binge – just because. You know yourself best, so look after ‘you’ the best way you need to.

While we’ve been working on haven, the crew are also pretty darn pumped to have launched a new magazine this spring called scout. It’s for Gold Coast travellers (and locals) sharing stories of wanderlust and the hot spots locals know best. It’s no tourist mag or coupon guide, just lots of stories sharing insider info. You’ll find it along the coast from Sanctuary Cove to Coolangatta.

So, just like Brooke McAlary (author of ‘Slow’), I will enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time now that deadline is over for another month and maybe I will even create a tale to tell of my own – of how I swapped business for a boat, maybe?! Don’t worry, I promise to write when there’s Wi-Fi!

Happy days (and stay well!)

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