Looking for convenient meditation courtesy of your smartphone? Look no further than haven’s Top 5 meditation apps! Let us know on social media if you use a different meditation app – we’d love to hear from you.

headspaceHeadspace Guided Meditation
Perhaps one of the best meditation apps around, Headspace offers guided meditations for all stages of your meditation journey. Let co-founder and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe’s soothing voice walk you through daily mindful exercises every day and get ready to see a massive difference in how you live, think and feel.

smiling mindSmiling Mind Guided Meditation
Meditation isn’t just for mature minds – kids can get in on the mindfulness too. Smiling Mind offers guided meditation exercises for all ages, starting as young as seven, with a goal to build happier, healthier and more compassionate people.

walkingWalking Meditations
If you’d love to get into meditation but can’t find the time to lie down and let your thoughts drift away, the Walking Meditations app could be worth a try. Walking meditation can be just as profound as stationary meditation and combines the art of meditation with the benefits of daily exercise.

mind the bumpMind the Bump
This one’s for all you mummas and mummas-to- be. Mind the Bump is designed specifically for mindful pregnancies. Growing a human being is a draining process, so a little mental boost can never hurt. The best part is that it’s designed with couples in mind, so you and your partner can become more connected with yourselves and each other.

relaxRelax Melodies
If you fancy yourself a bit of a meditation pro, or simply don’t like the thought of someone talking you through your daily mindfulness exercises, Relax Melodies is the next best thing. With calming noises like rain, a ceiling fan and even complete silence, this app is a great backing track for switching off.



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