Whether it’s your home office or your space at work, chances are, the last few months may have left it looking a little worse for wear. We’re talking all things office organisation to get you into the decluttering spirit.

Before you embark on your office revamp, you need to cull anything you don’t need anymore. Be ruthless about the things you hold onto and go digital wherever you can – your smart phone probably has a built in scanner, so use it! Find a home for everything and invest in a good labeller. Think ahead: which trays, baskets or bins are likely to fill up first? Should you make that one bigger, or commit to culling it more often? Remember that decluttering isn’t a ‘one and done’ task – you’ll need to embark on regular decluttering missions in the future; the aim of your first big one is to make the rest relatively simple.

Feng Shui
What if we told you that the way you configure your office could contribute to your productivity? The goal of feng shui is to use energy forces to harmonise us with our surrounding environment, and there are certain feng shui rules that you should keep in mind when organising your office. Removing clutter – including hiding cords, doing paperwork daily and keeping 50% of your desk space clear – is one example, but you can apply feng shui to how you configure your office furniture, too. You should be able to see the door from your chair, putting you in a powerful, commanding position, and if you share an office, avoid sitting back-to-back or face-to-face. Where possible, avoid furniture with sharp edges and leave plenty of space between desks for energy to move slowly around your office. 

Tight neck? Sore wrists? Achy lower back? Sounds like you could use a lesson in ergonomics – and don’t worry, you’re not alone. 50% of Aussie workers have jobs that require full or part-time desk work, and studies show that most of us aren’t sitting correctly. Find your natural posture by pushing your chair away from your desk and sitting comfortably; your feet should be on the floor in front of you, your shoulders relaxed and your behind should be… well, behind you. This position is the foundation for building an ergonomic desk – from here, your keyboard should be one to two inches above your thighs, your screen should touch the tip of your middle finger and your chair should support your back comfortably. And don’t forget to get up and move around regularly.

Colour Therapy
Whether or not you believe in colour therapy, there is plenty of science to show that colours can have a psychological impact on our minds and the way we work. You don’t have to go out and paint all of the walls in your office – instead, invite the following colours (and their psychological benefits) into your office with rugs, wall art, stationery and more.

  • Blue is ideal for staying focused – particularly in repetitive industries. Accountants, this is the colour for you.
  • Yellow stimulates emotion, evoking feelings of happiness and brightening spirits. It’s a perfect colour for those who work in the creative industries.
  • Green is the colour of balance, calm and reassurance. Lawyers and financial workers should ‘go green’.

Visual Cues
What motivates you: an inspirational quote, your family and friends, a passion project? Whatever it is, keep it on display in your office – it will serve as a constant reminder of why you work so hard. If you’ve got the wall space, other things you could display include a calendar, daily/weekly/monthly planner or a wall organiser or shelf that keeps the clutter off your desk. When it comes to all things organisation and stationery, these are the pieces we’re loving…

  1. Siisti clear acrylic portrait wall planner, $69.95, www.etsy.com 
  2. Sherwood Lighting Y Table modern desk lamp, $69.95, www.templeandwebster.com.au 
  3. The Space Cube, $49.99, www.thespacecube.com.au 
  4. Kikki.K medium leather personal planner in pink, $64.95, www.kikki-k.com 
  5. Chickidee gold wire desk organiser, $16, www.asos.com 
  6. Kmart pen cup in Desert Spring, $3, www.kmart.com.au 
  7. GO Stationery A5 colour notebook in aqua (available in various colours), $9.97, www.officeworks.com.au 
  8. Kmart lever arch binder in palm, $3, www.kmart.com.au
  9. Typo desk set, $19.99, www.theiconic.com.au 


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