From Jo Wright, Director of Pride & Prejudice and Atonement comes Pan – the prequel to Peter Pan. Starring Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard, local Brisbane boy Levi Miller as Peter, Garret Hedlund as Hook and Rooney Mara as Tiger Lilly this dazzling cast take us on an epic adventure to Neverland and back in time to when Peter discovers his magical talent. From a bleak orphanage to the fantasy land of Neverland, the scenery and adventure will not disappoint as the whole family can share in Peter’s discovery of his destiny to become our beloved fairy tale character Peter Pan.


Think you’ve got a great job? Put yourself in our esteemed ed, Keeley O’Connor’s shoes – an exclusive interview with the gorgeous fan-favourite Hugh Jackman.


shutterstock_154577345The sets are spectacular and so creative, was there a lot of studio work or outdoor scenes during filming in England?

The sets were amazing and just huge. It’s actually the largest studio in the world and you can fit a Zeppelin Air Ship inside. It took me fifteen minutes to find Jo [Director Jo Wright] the day I arrived on set, it’s that big!


I love the scene when you address the miners in Neverland; they are all singing Nirvana and you step up on the edge of the ship to address the workers. (I wish my office could break out in song when I went to work each day! Ha ha!)

Yes, that was insane. I took that moment in and held onto it. There were hundreds of people singing and the boat was real, you know? You could tilt it, move it and it had all the intricate parts of a pirate ship.

Jo Wright comes from a theatrical background so that is very evident throughout the movie.


You rocked the character Blackbeard; do you spend hours practicing those snarls and facial expressions to nail it during filming?

I figured he was a guy who loved being a show pony. I would recite Winston Churchill every day and sing Nirvana. Blackbeard loved the sound of his own voice.


PAN-SSR-4196r RESIZEYour costume was amazing, how long did it take you to get into character for each day of filming?

The costume was actually quick to get into, we had to tie the corsets and I had help, so about fifteen to twenty minutes. Makeup would then take another fifteen to twenty minutes.

Before filming we spent three weeks doing improv and rehearsing to find our characters and get to know each other. We had this big box of costumes and we would all play dress up, get into costume and get frightening, sing, interview each other in pirate voices and have a laugh.


You starred alongside a local Brisbane boy, Levi Miller in his first feature film – did you offer advice to this young star?

Levi is just born with this natural ability to carry a film. He is amazing and was given so many challenges during filming that experienced actors would struggle with. He used a cockney accent, and nailed the role.

When I first met him, he was playing footy on set and said, “Hello, Mr Jackman”. I stopped him there as I said, “The only Mr Jackman is my father, so call me Hugh”. I told him to imagine I was like any other kid in the schoolyard and we were going to play. I reminded him to have fun, which is the most important thing at the end of the day.


Would you have any general advice for aspiring actors in Australia?

Not to worry about becoming famous or being a star. Take classes, and just do it! Get involved in amateur productions and keep practicing the art. I was 22 before I started acting.


Congratulations on your upcoming show Broadway to Oz. You say it’s a show all about you. If you weren’t able to play yourself, who would you choose to star as you?

Thank you! I would have to choose someone more talented and better looking. I’m sure Deb would say Brad Pitt but I would have to say Robert Downey Junior. Or how about Channing Tatum, he can dance! Or even Justin Timberlake – I would like to audition them all.


Today my husband and I were debating over whose jobs were more important and how we would coordinate kids, school pick up etc. I think I won by dropping your name! How do you work the balance in your house or do you and Deb drop names until someone gives?

Deb is an actor too and has done lots of films in her career. A day with the kids is hard work and she knows exactly what goes on during filming: we get fed, we are in our trailers with long waits so you can guess who has a harder day at work.


We put the call out to our haven community – what would you want to ask Hugh? And he responded with a few of his favourite things… haven readers asked:

What’s your favourite colour?


How about your favourite song to sing?
Come Fly with Me


Who has been your favourite character to play during your career?
Peter Allan


What is your favourite indulgence?
Burger with the lot, chips and chocolate milk shake


Who are your favourite football teams?
Manly Sea Eagles, Sydney Swans and NY Giants


Hugh Jackman stars as Blackbeard in the latest cinemas release, Pan – the big screen  prequel to Peter Pan.




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