Paper Plate Footprint Bunny

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These incredibly simple creations will make for loads of fun for the children this Easter!!! Thanks for the idea Fun Hand Print Art .

We made these darling paper plate footprint bunnies as an Easter craft this past weekend. I love the way that they turned out!!! My son was excited to see the final result too- he exclaimed a big “Oooooh!” when I showed him his!

The kiddos painted 2 paper plates each: 1 regular-sized & 1 dessert-sized. You could also just use paper & cut the circles out. Baby Girl decided to give herself some purple lipstick!

I cut the rims off of each paper plate.


I made 4 footprints per child and cut them out when they dried. On 2 footprints (each) I painted a odd-shaped oval. These will be the ears. On the remaining footprints, I painted white an oval & 3 circles to resemble a bunny’s foot.


Footprint Bunny – 1 yr old

Tape or glue on the footprints like shown in the photo above. I decided not to give them arms but of course feel free to add some to yours!
Make the facial features by painting on eyes, a nose, a mouth or bunny teeth, and glue on whiskers- we used pipe cleaners for ours.



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