Whether you love them for their honest truths, their quick wit or the fact that they seem like they have it aaaaaall together, there is surely one ‘parenting influencer’ (read: blogger, YouTuber, Instagram-er, etc.) that you love seeing on your social media. These five picks are just a few of ours!


Be a Fun Mum

You’d be hard-pressed finding someone as down to earth, transparent and just plain funny as Brisbane’s own Kelly Burstow. Follow along as she shares musings on her life raising four kids, as well as fun craft activities, recipes and other activities for you to try yourself.



Organised Housewife

We totally want to be Katrina Springer when we grow up. This Gold Coast mum-of-three has the answer to everything, from how to clean your skirting boards to the perfect Thermomix shepherd’s pie.




If there’s one person we want to have with us on a cooking show, it’s Kylie. Seriously, this woman is a whiz. She specialises in good, honest family food that you’ll love as much as your kids will.



The O.C.D by Christine

Christine’s Instagram should come with a warning – make sure you’ve got a few hours to spare before you scroll through it, because you’ll be sucked into her organising videos for hours. Trust us.



Woog’s World

An early adopter of blogging, Mrs Woog (that’s her last name) burst onto the scene in 2008 saying all of the things other people were too polite to say. She’s been cracking us up ever since.




Mum-of-three Sam started SchoolMum as a Facebook page back in 2012 – since then, she’s formed a team of fellow SchoolMums and SchoolDads and turned her little Facebook group into a go-to for any parent struggling to #embracethecrazy themselves.



Not So Mumsy

If we had our life half as together as Marcia has hers, we’d be on top of the world. Not So Mumsy is a celebration of both ‘you’s – pre-kids and post-kids. A scroll through this website honestly feels like a breath of fresh air.



Real Dads of Melbourne

Newlyweds Jarrad and Michael share the ordinary and extraordinary moments of their life raising their son, Reid – and, as of just recently, their dachshund, Ernest – in Melbourne. And, if we’re being honest, we kind of wish they’d adopt us.



Our Happy Tribe

If you’ve ever wondered what life as a family of seven growing up on an organic farm looks like, wonder no more. It’s chaotic, heart-warming and addictive to watch.



Edge Early Learning

Edge Early Learning  

Edge aim to create a new leaf in early childhood education in Australia. Beginning with the quality of their educators, through to their programs, unique environment and partnerships with their local community // www.edgeearlylearning.com.au