After two weeks of juggling the multitude of responsibilities that come with being a parent on the school holidays, we’re finally on the home run. The school gates will fly open on Monday morning as we swiftly drop our little blessings off and race to work (or back home to have a nap!).

Like the beginning of any school term, there are certain things we will need to do to make sure our kids our ready for their first day back. And the better prepared you are this weekend, the easier it’ll be come Monday.

  • Lunchboxes: Pull out your kids’ lunchboxes from the bottom of the Tupperware drawer and give them the once over. Throw them back in the dishwasher this weekend ready for Monday and/or decide if a mid-year newbie is in order. We are loving the brand new Yumbox Tapas just release by Mini Hippo in recent weeks. It’s a bigger version of everyone’s fave Yumbox Original, perfect for growing teens, and it even comes with interchangeable trays for different sized/shaped lunches. Genius. And what’s good enough for Drew Barrymore is good enough for us!
  • Drink bottles: Again, strap on your miner’s helmet and go into the depths of the plastics drawer/cupboard in your kitchen to find their school drink bottles. If your home is anything like ours, they’ll still be in the bottom of your kids’ bags. Clean them up and make sure name labels are still attached, ready for the second half of the year.
  • Grocery shopping: Here’s a win-win idea for this weekend. You’ll no doubt need to do a school lunch grocery shopping run this weekend, so why not take the kids and let them help you choose some supplies? It’s easy to get into a rut with school lunches so maybe some fresh eyes over the grocery stores shelves (via your kids) might put some spark back into their school eating? And if you take them with you, you’ve got a helper to load and unload the car. Win-win!
  • Food prep: On the back of your grocery shop run, spend some time lunch food prepping for your week. If you are not inclined to food prep, maybe now’s a great time to start? haven magazine contributor Georgia Harding’s eBook, “The Well Nourished Lunchbox” is a fave among the haven team for its foodie ideas as well as food-prep tips.
  • Missing pieces: Round up the kids on Sunday afternoon to find those school essentials that may have mysteriously gone missing over the last two weeks. You know what we mean: school shoes, pencil cases, homework folders, library bags, school hair ties and ribbons etc.
  • Sleep, glorious, sleep: For many, school holidays are about enjoying a few late nights and loads of sleep-ins. However, this can make returning to the school morning routine a little hard. Wean them off those crazy sleep cycles starting now! Make sure they’re back to standard bedtimes tonight and tomorrow night, and then throw in an early night on Sunday for good measure. More importantly, make sure the school alarm is set from tomorrow morning (not just Monday) so they’ve got three mornings to get back into the rhythm. Routine is everything!
  • Washing: Don’t forget to wash school uniforms this weekend, making sure they’re perfectly pressed as well. You might even use this weekend to replace any missing buttons or fix any loose hems.
  • Be prepared: Make like a boy scout and spend 20 mins on Sunday night getting prepped for Monday morning. Whether you are a standard night-before-school prepper, or you do it on the fly each morning, taking some time this Sunday night in particular will no doubt ease the Monday morning back-to-school blues.


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