Whatever your theme or cause for celebration, we’ve no doubt found the perfect fit for your next bash. Keep this rainbow range of party supplies close at hand when you’re next in party-planning mode.

  1. Party Savers red stripes paper plate 8pk, $2.95, www.partysavers.com.au
  2. Ruby Rabbit giant kissy lips balloon, $12.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  3. Red dots and stripes candles 12pk, $2.50, www.partysavers.com.au
  4. Kmart ‘college’ cups 20pk, $3.50, www.kmart.com.au
  5. Costume Box fluffy hanging decoration 3pk, $19.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  6. Ruby Rabbit giant French fries balloon, $14.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  7. Discount Party Supplies red treat box, $5.99, www.discountpartysupplies.com.au
  8. Ruby Rabbit lip stickers, $9.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  1. Ginger Ray mini doughnut-shaped pinata, $7, www.gingerray.co.uk 
  2. Costume Box blush pink paper fan decoration, $5.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  3. Costume Box gold and pink stripe and dots lunch napkins 20pk, $10.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  4. Kmart flamingo party gift bag, $3, www.kmart.com.au
  5. Ruby Rabbit giant round balloon, $7.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  6. Discount Party Supplies pastel pink and white dot paper plates 12pk, $2.99, www.discountpartysupplies.com.au
  7. Discount Party Supplies pastel pink and white treat bags 6pk, $2.99, www.discountpartysupplies.com.au
  8. Party Savers bright pink dotty cupcake stand, $6.95, www.partysavers.com.au
  1. Ruby Rabbit yellow party fans 4pk, $19.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  2. Party Savers Yellow Polka Dots Latex Balloons 6pk, $5.95, www.partysavers.com.au
  3. Discount Party Supplies yellow crepe streamer, $1.99, www.discountpartysupplies.com.au
  4. Costume Box sunshine yellow chevron plates 8pk, $4.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  5. Spotlight Amscan anagram party script gold foil balloon, $7, www.spotlightstores.com
  6. Ruby Rabbit geo pineapple tags 6pk, $8.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  7. Perfect Party Supplies pineapple loot bags 25pk, $6.99, www.perfectpartysupplies.com.au
  8. Costume Box sunshine yellow chevron cups 8pk, $3.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  1. Costume Box kiwi mini hanging fan decorations 5pk, $3.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  2. Spotlight celebrate chevron satin ribbon, $6, www.spotlightstores.com
  3. Sunnylife ice bucket in banana palm, $69.95, www.sunnylife.com.au
  4. Oh Happy Day Kelly green small plates, $9.30, www.shopsweetlulu.com 
  5. Ruby Rabbit tropical leaf balloon, $9.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  6. The Party Cupboard tropical fiesta palm cocktail napkins, $8.95, www.thepartycupboard.com.au 
  7. Party Parlour Meri Meri green foil palm leaf plate 8pk, $10.95, www.thepartyparlour.com.au 
  8. Spotlight Amscan kiwi big party coffee cup 40pk, $16, www.spotlightstores.com
  1. Ruby Rabbit blue & mint confetti, $6.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  2. Ginger Ray blue spotty hanging decorations, $8.82, www.gingerray.co.uk 
  3. Discount Party Supplies blue and white stripe paper plates 8pk, $4.99, www.discountpartysupplies.com.au
  4. Costume Box Caribbean blue chevron paper cups 8pk, $3.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  5. Casa e Cucina handmade ocean green tumbler 6pk, $119, www.casaecucina.com.au 
  6. The Party Cupboard aqua blue latex balloons, $5.95, www.thepartycupboard.com.au 
  7. The Party Cupboard aqua blue marble agate jumbo balloon 2pk, $28.95, www.thepartycupboard.com.au 
  8. Paper Eskimo light blue spot baking cups 25pk, $6.95 www.thepartyparlour.com.au 
  1. Kmart Make Your Own personalised balloon 6pk, $2, www.kmart.com.au
  2. Discount Party Supplies black and white stripe party bags 10pk, $5.99, www.discountpartysupplies.com.au
  3. Costume Box black mini hanging fan decorations 5pk, $3.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  4. Spotlight Amscan favour boxes mega pack, $35, www.spotlightstores.com
  5. The Party Cupboard pop fizz small napkins, $9.95, www.thepartycupboard.com.au 
  6. Ruby Rabbit noir hexagon dessert plates 8pk, $9.95, www.rubyrabbit.com.au
  7. Costume Box jet black paper cups 20pk, $5.99, www.costumebox.com.au
  8. The Party Cupboard white & black large polka dot plates 12pk, $6.95, www.thepartycupboard.com.au




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