Chores…  They’re the last thing most kids want to do. I mean, why would they want to empty the bins and mop the floors? None of us adults want to do it either!

Like adults, many kids respond positively to an economic incentive, such as paying them for completing chores. Different families have different approaches to encourage their children to actively participate in the running of the household.

There are definitely pros and cons to paying kids to do housework, but do the pros outweigh the cons?

Benchmark Psychology clinical psychologist Dr Aaron Frost says paying children to do chores can keep them motivated as long as they have the opportunity to earn enough pocket money in a short time period to get what they want.  Beyond the motivation, Aaron says it is a good learning experience for kids.

The lesson you want to teach is about the value of saving their money for something good,” Aaron says.

Commonwealth Bank Australia’s head of school banking Veronica Howarth agrees, stating that paying kids to do chores demonstrates that money needs to be earned and doesn’t come for free.

“You allow your child an opportunity to experience managing their own money that they have earned and give them a chance to improve their money management skills through practice,” Veronica says.

Ensuring your kids understand financial literacy is vital to ensure they grow up to be financially savvy adults.

Commonwealth Bank Australia’s general manager of corporate responsibility Kylie Macfarlane says financial literacy makes a big difference to a person’s future wellbeing.

“When it comes to financial literacy, one of the most important things parents can do is to speak to their kids about money,” Kylie says.

Paying kids to do chores may also set up an expectation that they will be paid for every task around the house. We recommend clearly communicating household expectations with your kids. You may choose to enforce some non-negotiable tasks, like making their beds or ensuring they don’t leave toys on the floor and introduce a list of paid tasks such as sweeping the floors and emptying the bins.

Regardless of how you approach it, we all agree that paying your kids to do chores can have great long-term benefits as kids learn the value of money.



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