Pimp my Desk

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  • Optoco computer mouse in Aston Martin DBS, Mercedes 300SL or Mini Cooper S design. LED headlights and rear lights. Adjustable high-resolution optical for 800dpi or 1600dpi scanning, $99.95, www.optocoonline.com
  • USB wired handwarmers for those cold winter days or late nights at your desk, $49.95, www.yellowoctopus.com.au
  • Flexible iPad stand to position your tablet wherever you need it, $179, www.goos-e.com.au
  • Scanner mouse to scan any printed text (in 199 different languages) and make it editable straight away on your document. You can even scan a table and the mouse will organise it into an Excel format, $130, www.optocoonline.com
  • Bunch of flowers sunshine/solar charger for mobile phones and tablets, $149.95, www.optocoonline.com
  • ToCharge portable pebble power bank (charging time is 7-8 hours and battery time is 2-4 charges depending on the product), $99.95, www.top3.com.au
  • USB-powered massager to help you relieve tension and stress all in the comfort of your office chair, $14.95, www.yellowoctopus.com.au
  • Wooden iPhone holder/charger, handcrafted using pine root found in beach and coastal waters by CraftEstDesign. Each piece is unique, $125, en.dawanda.com


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