Avoiding plastic once felt like a near impossible task. All those plastic shopping bags your groceries were packed into, the plastic straws in your drink, the plastic takeaway cups and containers, plastic shampoo bottles and the masses of other plastic packaging on almost every product in the supermarket – it was a real challenge to keep it out of your life.

The good news is, things are starting to shift, and plastic free living is becoming easier all the time. As awareness of the devastating impact plastic is having on our earth and oceans grows, attitudes to using plastic are changing, plastic alternatives are becoming much more readily available, and there are a whole host of initiatives in place to make a plastic free life that little bit more achievable.

Reusable bags, bottles and keep cups are increasingly popular, and there are incentives such as discounts on coffee and free water refill stations to encourage their use.

Programs like the ABC’s War on Waste and bloggers like The Rogue Ginger are helping spread the word about plastic free living, while grassroots initiatives such as Boomerang Bags are getting the community involved in the national plastic-free movement.

The growth of farmers markets around the country and bulk food shops like The Source Bulk Foods, are also making plastic free shopping easier than ever before.

At the Source Bulk Foods, we want to create positive change by providing a zero waste shopping alternative. Our range of bulk food and household items are free of plastic packaging  and we are always looking at new ways to help our customers live plastic free.

Our Australia wide stores carry a range of waste free living products to help get plastic out of your life for good.

Want to join the zero-waste movement? Here are our top tips to help you live a plastic free life:

  1. Say no to plastic shopping bags and bring your own reusable shopping bags.
  1. Carry a reusable water bottle and never buy a plastic water bottle again.
  1. Take your own coffee cup to your favourite cafe.
  1. Pack your lunch (and your children’s school lunches) in reusable plastic free containers or invest in a sturdy stainless steel all-one lunchbox.
  1. Replace plastic wrap with beeswax wraps. Great for covering left overs or keeping cheese fresh in the fridge.
  1. Store your pantry goods in glass jars.
  1. Don’t use plastic produce bags at the fruit and veggie store. Go without or take your own reusable produce bag.
  1. Pop a set of reusable cutlery in your bag or the glovebox to take with you wherever you go. We do it with water bottles, so why not cutlery?
  1. Be mindful of your purchases. Repair what you can rather than always buying new. Focus on quality over quantity.
  1. Refill your containers and reuse them over and over again (and shop in bulk foods store without packaging of course).


About The Source Bulk Foods
The Source Bulk Foods has grown to be the largest specialised bulk food retailer in Australia with over 40 different families and stores. The business is proud to employ a team of over 200 enthusiastic and knowledgeable people that are helping revolutionise the way we buy groceries. The stores offer a wholesome, zero-waste alternative to conventional shopping as well as providing warm, friendly, caring service and customer experiences. With over 450 stocked items, for something a bit more special come visit us at #thesourcebulkfoods.



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