Playing sport is about so much more than fitness – the skills you learn stay with you for life. Here are the top life skills kids learn through sport.

Working as a team
There’s no better way to learn how to work as a team than playing sport – even if it’s not a team sport. Knowing how to support your peers in high pressure situations, take responsibility for mistakes and shortcomings and be an effective communicator are all valuable lessons your child can learn through any sport, not to mention the ability to try your best and help others when they fall.

Respecting others
Sports can get heated, and the way you handle yourself in heated situations says a lot about the kind of person you are. Teaching your child to be respectful to their teammates, the opposition and the referees or umpires is a huge life lesson that will make them into better adults. The simple act of shaking hands at the end of a game, or supporting someone when they make a mistake – instead of teasing or bullying them – will teach invaluable life skills.

Being committed
The younger children learn commitment, the better. Whether it’s showing up to training during the week or games on the weekend – when they would probably rather be doing anything else – or not giving up when they’re tired or in a bad mood, sports are a great way to teach loyalty and commitment.

Having a positive attitude
Teamwork, respect for others and commitment all culminate in one invaluable life skill – maintaining a positive attitude. Whether it’s soccer or swimming, having a positive attitude in everything you do – sports included – is one of the most important habits to learn from a young age. Sports teach children to be gracious losers, humble winners and the importance of looking on the brightside as much as possible.




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