With a growing list of allergies and food intolerance in kids today, creating healthy food for your child’s next birthday party, that’s visually fun to boot, is not as tough as it sounds.

It does take a little creativity in the kitchen to come up with a healthy party spread, and one that is visually appealing too because, let’s face it, the food table is generally the focal point of the party.

Luckily the Internet (and especially Pinterest!) abounds with ideas to inspire and guide you. Here are a few of my favourite party ideas to make your kid’s next party food table a huge and memorable hit.

  1. Fruit pops. Cut shapes out of your favourite fruit and thread them onto a stick. You can even add a dipping sauce like pureed fruit, yoghurt or melted plain chocolate. Little girls also love fruit ‘wands’ – fruit cut into stars on a skewer. Decorate the skewer by threading blueberries on it and tying a pretty ribbon at the base. Boys love ‘rocket’ skewers – thread fruit with a triangle shaped skewer at the top. You can tie tassels on the handle to make it look like it’s taking off.
  2. Veggie trains. These trains are a beautiful way to present veggie sticks and dip. Cut one side of a capsicum, remove the seeds then use slices of cucumber to make the wheels (attach with a toothpick). Fill the capsicum carriages with dips and veggie sticks. Add a ‘sail’ made from a toothpick and paper and your carriage becomes a boat.
  3. A mountain of meatballs. Stack mini-meatballs to make a mountain, just remind kids to start at the top to avoid an avalanche!
  4. Hand pies. Make shapes from pastry, fill with mince or spinach/feta and seal around the edges with a paddle pop in one end and bake.
  5. Watermelon pizza. Check out my recipe for details.
  6. Rainbow cake. Melon makes the best rainbow cake. Simply cut your melon (watermelon, honeydew and rockmelon) into large circles and layer. Cover with whipped cream and decorate with berries.  Alternatively you can just use watermelon.

Now to the party bag… How can you follow a healthy, whole foods party feast with a bag full of sugar and additives? You can’t. So here are some food-free party bag alternatives that kids (and parents) will love.

  • A small book, note book or colouring-in book with a thank you message written inside.
  • A small pot with a packet of seeds for the kids to take home and grow their own flowers or something edible.
  • Play-dough. You could even make your own and save lots of money.
  • Trinkets. A bubble wand, hair ties, key rings, toy cars etc. There are so many great party trinkets available in stores.
  • A smoothie jar (glass jar with a lid and straw). You could fill it with popcorn or another homemade treat.

I hope I’ve demonstrated that parties can be fun and even nourishing celebrations. With these very visual party food suggestions, your party table will look amazing, the kids will be happy and their parents will be sure to thank you afterwards for the healthy food and the sugar-free take home treat.

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