There is no doubt technology has changed the way we digest news and entertainment. New options have been presented to us, and we have embraced!


You can now get your daily copy of the newspaper delivered straight to your ipad, before you even get out of bed and put the kettle on.


Gone are the days when you would have to go to your local newsagent to get the daily news, or have to wait for the end of the month to see the release of your favourite magazine… Or are they?


Whilst there is much to be said for the convenience of digital consumption of news and media via our smartphones and tablets, they don’t have the same ‘thud’ factor that a tangible magazine or book does. Advertising online is indeed an economical use of marketing dollars, however don’t completely discount the value of printed advertising just yet.


Consider your clients. How do they digest their information? Online or with a magazine over a midmorning coffee? How can you find out what they like and read? Where they get their news and information from? Ask them!


Research has shown that people tend to recall more detail when they have read the same article in print rather than online, as these two mediums are consumed very differently. It is important to advertise to your customers through variety of channels, so they can choose to absorb it in the format that they prefer. Remember, marketing is rarely one size fits all.


So as your marketing strategy continues to evolve and you embrace the opportunities that online offers, don’t discount the value of print either. Magazine and newspaper advertising as traditional medium can still play a key part of your marketing strategy in promoting your brand to new and existing customers.


After all, you are reading this magazine right now, aren’t you?


Tolita Dukes

Tolita Dukes  

Tolita Dukes is the creative brain behind 8 Seconds, a marketing agency located in the beautiful, Whitsundays. With backgrounds in tourism, sales and marketing, Tolita is passionate about helping small business and demystifying marketing. Delivered with intelligence, energy and honesty, helping clients realise their business aspirations through dynamic marketing strategies. 8 Seconds, the average human attention span. Get noticed! // www.8seconds.com.au