I’ve really noticed that since Christmas festivities, my kids have been a bit fussy with food and that they are asking for more sweet stuff / refined carbohydrate. I understand they are being driven by evolutionary impulses and that they are not consciously making my life difficult by rejecting some of the foods they generally love. Knowing this makes it much easier for me to commit to resetting their brain and palate to want real food. Basically, the more sugar, processed and refined foods you feed kids (or yourself), the more they will want.


For those of you after more info, the following short video will be of interest. I think if we all understand how processed food is addictive, the easier it will be to make changes to the way we feed ourselves and our families.


“How Junk Food Marketers, Target our Kids” is worth 6 minutes of your time.


The food processing industry is manipulating our children’s biology and psychology. Have a watch to understand how and why…



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