Whether you’ve got a tall one, a short one, a hairy one, a bald one, a funny one, a serious one, a sporty one or even a nerdy one, you’ll only ever have one dad. On the eve of father’s day, haven celebrates some of the raddest dads we know…


Brisbane Broncos Captain

He’s captain of the Brisbane Broncos and, at home, he’s also captaining his own little team. He’s an over-achiever on the football field and, with four kids under 6, he’s an over-achiever when it comes to, well, breeding. Corey Parker wins our Most Valuable Player award for his open, honest and selfless approach to parenting, with a sprinkle of silly on the side. Team Parker includes Memphis (6), Wylei (5), Jagger (2), River (7 months) and wife Margaux, and we wreckon they would all agree that Corey is a pretty rad dad.

Take us back to the moment you met your first child. What do you remember of that precise moment?

It was about 3.30am and I just had such a feeling of relief. I felt a bit helpless throughout that first birth as I had an injured knee at the time and it was in a brace. I couldn’t help with anything. It’s such a waiting game. Of course there’s obviously also all the elation of holding your first child for the first time – and every child the first time.

What’s the best thing about being a dad?

Just the enjoyment you get every single day – and every day is different. With kids of all different ages, they are all going through different stages in their growth both physically and emotionally. I can also joke around and be one of the kids at times, especially with Memphis and Wylie, which is fun. It’s actually very satisfying being a dad.

What is the most challenging part of your role as a dad? How do you get through that?

Being away with work is hard. The two oldest understand why their dad’s away but the younger ones don’t. My main focus is making sure we instill the right ethics and morals in them all. Things like manners and respect are important to me.

Corey ParkerHow would your kids describe you in three words?

‘Funny’, ‘silly’ and I’d like to think they’d say ‘loving’.

How do you and Margaux share the parenting role? What are your areas of expertise compared to hers?

We are both in it together. We are both really transparent to ensure consistency. You can’t have one parent doing one thing and the other parent doing something different. We work really well as a team – and it’s like a football team! I’m really fortunate that Margaux is an amazing wife and mum. I’m able to be the class clown with the kids most of the time and she keeps us all in line!

If your family had a reality TV show, what would it be called?

“The Parker Clan” – now that would be an interesting one!

What are you looking forward to most as your kids grow up?

Just to watch them develop and see what they become. Wylei already absolutely loves footy. He puts on his jersey and shorts and socks and boots – the whole lot, every single day! He knows all the players’ positions and what they do. I try to include him as much as possible before I finish up at the end of this year. He watches me squirt water from my water bottle on the field and I saw him squirt himself in the face at home with his own drink bottle!

Did your father give you any parenting tips? If so, what were they?

There was no specific tip but my dad instilled respect and manners in me and that’s what I’m teaching my own kids. My parents aren’t the type to encroach on what I do as a parent.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from being a dad?

To adapt to change. To take yourself down to the kids’ level and find an alternative if you need to. Patience has also been another big thing.  

Dream big: What’s the best Father’s Day gift you could receive this year? 

A Harley Davidson!

On the flip side of that, what is your kid’s pocket money actually going to buy you at the Father’s Day stall at school this year?

Margaux received an oversized wine glass from the kids for Mother’s Day this year so I’m expecting an oversized beer glass!



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