Whether you’ve got a tall one, a short one, a hairy one, a bald one, a funny one, a serious one, a sporty one or even a nerdy one, you’ll only ever have one dad. On the eve of father’s day, haven celebrates some of the raddest dads we know…


V8 Supercar Driver

When you sit back to watch the GC600 this year (diary note: it’s on from October 21-23), consider those V8 Supercars drivers’ skill both on and off the track. Garth Tander might be known as one of the quickest men behind a Supercar steering wheel but when he slips off the racing suit, he’s better known as dad to Scarlett (5) and Sebastian (3)

Take us back to the moment you met your first child. What do you remember of that precise moment?

I was in awe for a couple of reasons – that after nine months of waiting our first little one was here with us in person and, secondly, how beautiful baby Scarlett looked. But I guess all parents will say that!

What’s the best thing about being a dad?

Having fun with the kids. Especially now as they are growing up a little, we can do a lot of stuff together like ride bikes, drive their off-road buggy with them, that sort of stuff.

What’s been your proudest moment, so far, as a dad?

Lots of proud moments, but I guess seeing either of them try something different for the first time and overcome their fear of trying something new.

What is the most challenging part of your role as a dad? How do you get through that?

Being away from home so much with my job. Motor racing requires a lot of travel, so I am away a lot and that means I miss a lot of milestones. I missed both my kids’ first steps, for example, as I was away racing!

How would your kids describe you in three words?

After extensive negotiation, these are the three words they came up with: strong, fun, silly!

How do you and your kids’ mother share the parenting role? What are your areas of expertise compared to hers?

Given my role at work allows me to be more flexible with my time, we are able to share pretty much all of the parenting roles. I often do the school drop off/pick up, meals, washing, bathing etc. I feel it’s only fair, as I will likely be away for a week at a time when I am racing and Leanne is all on her own during that time.

If your family had a reality TV show, what would it be called?

Given my wife Leanne races also, probably something like “Family in the Fastlane”.

What are you looking forward to most as your kids grow up?

Watching them continue to grow, learn new things, develop their own personalities.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from being a dad?

My dad always said that he tried to give us a better childhood than he was able to have and now I try to do that for my kids also.

Dream big: What’s the best Father’s Day gift you could receive this year? 

Any one of my three Bathurst-winning race cars, or my Supercars Championship winning car from 2007. Pretty big dream, requiring quite a bit of pocket money!

On the flip side of that, what is your kid’s pocket money actually going to buy you at the Father’s Day stall at school this year?

Scarlett loves making crafty-type of things, so I am hoping I get something that she has made for me. Sebastian, being 3, has just started drawing stuff. He’s trying to draw race cars now, so hopefully I get his latest masterpiece!



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