Whether you’ve got a tall one, a short one, a hairy one, a bald one, a funny one, a serious one, a sporty one or even a nerdy one, you’ll only ever have one dad. On the eve of father’s day, haven celebrates some of the raddest dads we know…


Gold Coast SUNS Player

Originally from Cairns, Jarrod Harbrow (a Gold Coast SUNS defender since 2011) has played more than 100 games for the local team. In 2015, Jarrod and the GC SUNS launched the Jarrod Harbrow Leadership Academy – a culturally-appropriate talent program designed to provide a wide range of support and services to first-choice indigenous athletes from the Gold Coast region. While he’s a well know face on the field, off the field he’s better known as a “rad dad” to his one-year-old daughter, Riley.

Take us back to the moment you met Riliey. What do you remember of that precise moment?

I was excitement and overwhelmed at the same time.

What’s the best thing about being a dad?

Being a dad is extremely rewarding and there is never a dull moment.

What’s been your proudest moment, so far, as a dad?

Just to have a healthy and happy little girl.

What is the most challenging part of your role as a dad? How do you get through that?

Being an AFL player includes a lot of travel and I find it hard being away from Riley for too long.

GCSuns1How would your kids describe you in three words?

Loving, caring father

How do you and your kids’ mother share the parenting role? What are your areas of expertise compared to hers?

We do everything the same, although I tend to do the showering role.

Did your father give you any parenting tips? If so, what were they?

To see the positive side of things

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from being a dad?

You have to change your ways and that your priorities change. I have learnt to not think about myself – she comes first, second and third.

Dream big: What’s the best Father’s Day gift you could receive this year? 

To see Riley be able to ride her Paw Patrol Truck unassisted!

On the flip side of that, what is your kid’s pocket money actually going to buy you at the Father’s Day stall at school this year?

Most likely a painting from day care.



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