Celebrating Father’s Day this month, we get the low-down on parenting from the men in the family. Meet Michael, Dallas, Nathan and Grason – dads who are killing it in their respective professional fields and juggling the fierce demands of family at the same time.


hav-4Michael Rischitelli is a Midfielder with the Gold Coast SUNS and dad to Kai (2) and Lia (10 weeks).



Tell us a bit about your path to the SUNS.

I grew up in Melbourne, playing football from the age of eight. I was scouted in my teens and went to play for the Western Jets then was drafted to the AFL at the age of 17. Within two weeks I had to leave my family and move to Brisbane to start my AFL career with the Brisbane Lions. I played seven years for the Lions and moved to the Suns when the team launched about 5 years ago.


How do you juggle the profile of being in the public eye with the more private ‘dad’ mode?

It’s actually quite easy on the Coast because we are far away from the Melbourne football scene, so you are not actually recognised much. I am always happy to have a chat with fans, especially the young kids, however it is nice to be able to enjoy family time and have that balance.


What is the best – and worst – part of being dad?

The best part is coming home and seeing Kai banging on the window, so excited to see me. No matter what kind of day you have had, he is always happy to see you and has so much love to share. The worst part would have to be lack of sleep and being away from the family but I love being a dad!


Will Kai be following in Dad’s footsteps and become a footballer?

He actually loves footy (he had to bring his footy to the photoshoot!) however we won’t push him to choose football, he can work towards whatever he wishes. I wouldn’t mind if he became a professional tennis player though!


What is the one thing you wish you knew before becoming dad?

I wish I knew how much happiness the kids bring you. It has really opened up my eyes to how special life is.


What was the best piece of advice your dad gave you?

There is always someone worse off than you. Do your best and never take anything for granted, appreciate what you have, your health and happiness.


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Cherie-4Dallas D’bois is the Academy Director of Aerial Angels Academy and dad to Charlize (10), Dominic (7) and Soraya (3).



Tell us about your role with Aerial Angels?

I currently run the day to day operations of the Aerial Angels Academy – a circus, aerial and performance school in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. This entails overseeing the various classes, workshops and training of hundreds of students.


How do you juggle the demands of business with ‘dad’ mode?

I rely on my amazing partner, Cherie, a lot, but I just try and spend as much quality time with the family as I can. One on one time with each child is also important, even if it’s just reading a book before bed, doing homework together or taking them to their sports games.


What is the one thing you wish you knew before becoming a dad?

That my life would change so completely and revolve entirely around these amazing little human beings. I think that has changed a lot since I was a kid as families these days seem to involve the kids in just about everything.


What was the best piece of advice your dad gave you?

Work hard but make sure you make time for your family.


If you could teach your kids just one thing in life, what would it be?

Just to respect themselves and also show respect , compassion and open minds towards others.



Nathan WallaceNathan Wallace runs his own strength and fitness business, Hold Your Own and is dad to Malakai (8) and Ryder (7), and soon to be dad to twin girls with wife Sophie Guidolin.



Tell us a bit about your business.

I run a strength and body composition business that works on using strength training and nutrition to manipulate and improve lean muscle and decreasing body fat. I have three other fully qualified strength coaches (male and female) working for me training clients out of our new training facility in Burleigh Heads. We have now opened up memberships, after previously being an appointment-only facility. On top of this we also offer online weight training and nutrition coaching. We have a lot of mums wanting to get back in shape, a lot of athletes wanting to improve on their performance.


How do you juggle business-mode with ‘dad’ mode?

It’s hard sometimes as I leave for work around 6/7am in the mornings sometimes before everyone’s awake and after working 10-12 hour days half the time on your feet training people the other half in consults, meetings or emails, I get home and all you want to do sometimes is just relax, but then the boys come in and jump on you and want to play. In saying that, by running my own business I have the freedom to choose my own hours so have been getting better at getting home by dinner and even home in time to help out with dinners and then some play time or watching a movie before bed time.


What is the best – and worst – part of being dad to two young boys?

The best part is that they’re boys and they remind you of when you were young and used to go to football training, school and when I used to play with my own younger brother. It is great to be able to assist in bringing them up in a healthy environment where health and nutrition play such a vital role in young minds. The worst part would be the fighting, which I think is just what brothers do as I know I used to be exactly the same with my brother.


What is the one thing you wish you knew before becoming dad?

That’s a tough question. It’s kind of everything I thought it was going to be. I always wanted to have kids and be a dad so it’s something I thought about a bit beforehand and I think I took to it fairly well.


You’re about to welcome twin daughters. What is the thing you are most scared of/excited about, in becoming dad to girls?

Well, initially the thing I’m most excited about is just getting to hold them for the first time. I can’t even comprehend what my emotions are going to be like. Then seeing them grow up and seeing yourself in them in little bits and seeing what they look like will be cool. As for the scariest thing, again initially it will be the lack of sleep and trying to juggle a business I think, as we went to an ‘expecting multiples’ group and that was the common consensus. After that it will be as they grow up and have to face the big world, but at least they have each other and big brothers to look after them!



FullSizeRender-1Grason Kira is founder, maker and one half of Kira & Kira with wife Simone. He is dad to Chilli (8) and West (9).



How did Kira & Kira get started?

After a career in banking and finance, then living overseas for a number of years, Simone and I moved to Sydney and then the Gold Coast. I have always been passionate about design and I was really looking for a way to express my creative side. I think it’s important to ask yourself “what would I do every day if I had enough money to comfortably live”, then go and do that thing. I enjoy designing and making furniture by hand. I really like the idea of designing and building something that is timeless in design and in its construction, and being part of the community of ‘makers’ on the Gold Coast is hugely inspiring and satisfying.


What was the best piece of advice your dad gave you?

To treat people how you would like to be remembered. His philosophy is that when you leave the planet, you want to have people remember you for being generous and kind. He is all about living your life the way you would like to be remembered.


How do you juggle the demands of owning and running a start-up with ‘dad’ mode?

It’s been extremely difficult in the beginning, however the benefits mean more time as a family to travel together and experience different countries and cultures.


What is the funniest thing you’ve experienced as a dad?

As a creative, taking my sons to the WWE Live (World Wrestling). It was a pretty funny experience – the sights, the chants, the outfits… it was pretty crazy.


If you could teach your boys just one thing in life, what would it be?

To be polite and grateful, and that family above all is the most important thing in life.




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