It’s a constant juggle: you’re working in the business, on the business – you ARE the business. Deadlines, demands, staffing issues and business development compete for time in your schedule – and your head. How can you carve more out of your day?


1. Work in 90 minute intervals. Our brains are wired to fatigue after about 90 minutes of activity. Don’t push through with caffeine, sugar or adrenalin. Learn from elite athletes: take a breather, reset your mind and prepare for your next challenge. And get ready to shred your ‘to-do’ list in record time.

2. Go into lock down. Interruption is like kryptonite for productivity. You need blocks of dedicated time to get the big stuff done. It can take up to 25 minutes to get back in the flow after you break concentration. Who has time for that? Implement a visual symbol to let your team know you’re off-radar for a specified period – a cone of silence, a red flag, a closed door. Go into lock down and don’t come out unless the building is on fire.

3. Get synced. Match your tasks to your energy levels. Early bird? Hit the challenging issues first up. Night owl? Turn ‘business hours’ on its head and push through the night. You’re the boss – make your ‘on’ time work for YOU.

4. Boycott email. Don’t have a heart attack – we’re talking strategic boycott, not a blanket ban. Only check your email at specific times of the day. You’ll boost your productivity, lower your stress, and retain your brain cells (research shows constantly checking emails translates to a 10 point loss in IQ!).

5. Meeting mania. Limit meetings, and limit the duration of meetings. Don’t go to any meeting without a set agenda, and don’t roll over tasks to next time. Introduce stand-up meetings, make sure you allocate action items and deadlines, and don’t introduce unplanned discussion points. Get in, get out, get smarter. Time is money – don’t waste it in mindless meetings.


Now get back to work. The clock’s ticking!

Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.