My kids love to make these Chocolate Fudge Ice Blocks in the summer and I love that they are enjoying a ‘healthy’ and nourishing treat. We’ve made lots of simple chocolate based ice blocks over the years but the ones with avocado have always been favourites. I think because it adds a fudge-like texture, and of course I’m not complaining, it’s a welcome inclusion as far as I’m concerned.


Health Benefits

The avocado is an incredibly nutrient-dense food and a great source of mono-unsaturated fats which will keep your kids satisfied for longer. The coconut offers immune support. They are gluten, grain, dairy, nut and egg free.


Makes 6 small ice blocks



1 perfectly ripe avocado flesh

1 cup of coconut milk (I used Ayam brand)

½ cup cacao powder

¼ cup sweetener (rice malt syrup, coconut nectar or maple syrup)

⅔ cup coconut water



  • In a high speed blender or Thermomix blend until smooth and creamy.
  • Pour into ice block moulds and freeze until set. If you don’t have moulds, pour into little cups, poke in a popsicle stick and freeze.




Substitute with your preferred dairy or dairy-free milk.



Choose rice malt syrup as your sweetener.



Substitute carob powder.


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