What better way to celebrate Australia Day than with healthy lamingtons?  I’m really not a fan of traditional lamingtons – probably because I like a sweet with some substance. So when I set out to create a healthy lamington it really was rather simple because I already have two basic cake recipes that I just love the texture off.


So I’ve put this recipe together with several options.  I’ve made a double-decker style lamington with a layer of chocolate in between (pictured).  You could also layer with a good quality jam or just make a lamington slice if you like.


I’ve taste tested these with a couple of lamington lovers and been given a big thumbs up – my husband thinks these may be the best sweet recipe I’ve posted yet!





For the cake, you can choose either:

I’ve tested both, and both were delicious, so use which ever suits your dietary requirements / philosophy.


Chocolate coating

You have two options here:


Dairy free chocolate:

Over a very low heat mix together well:

2 tablespoons of raw cacao powder

100gram (½ cup) of coconut oil

2-4 tablespoons of sweetener (rice malt syrup, honey, maple syrup or coconut syrup) – for low fructose choose rice syrup

2 tablespoons of coconut milk


You don’t want to let this sit for too long or the ingredients will separate.  If this happens just give it a good stir before dunking your cake.


Chocolate ganache:

Place a bowl over a pot of boiling water and mix together until melted:

100gram of good quality dark chocolate (85%)

50gram of cream or coconut milk



  1. Bake your choice of cake into a lined tin (approx. 30-20cm) for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Allow to cool on a cake rack and then trim the edges.
  3. You can cut into small squares for little lamingtons.  For big ones like pictured, I halved the cake, sat one on top of the other and cut into six squares.
  4. Pop the cake in the fridge for 10 minutes or so to chill while you make the chocolate.
  5. Once you’ve made the chocolate place it in a shallow bowl.
  6. In another shallow bowl place about a cup of desiccated coconut and prepare to get messy! I always work next to my sink in case I need to rinse off.
  7. Dip all four sides of the cake in the chocolate followed by the coconut. If you are making them with chocolate middles, I dipped the two middle sides in the chocolate, placed them together and then coated the rest.
  8. Work quickly, you don’t want to soak them, just lightly coat them.
  9. Place on a piece of non-stick paper and refrigerate until you are ready to serve them.


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