I’m a huge fan of gelatinous treats and no better flavour combo than chocolate and coconut. Now I’m not a particularly patient person, so when it comes to using teeny-tiny moulds… well, let’s just say it has to be a special occasion!  I much prefer the pour and set approach, which is how this little ‘Top-Deck” combo arose. That’s not to say you can’t get creative and use a cute little mould.  You can also use patty pans or mini cupcakes as moulds. My kids are planning to make these in Easter egg moulds for Easter treats.


Why is it healthy?
Gelatin is made from the bone and connective tissue of animals that has been dried and turned into a powder. I have written about the benefits of gelatin in this post about bone broth.

The biggest benefit of eating gelatin in my opinion is that it is a gut healer, which means better nutrient absorption (so greater nourishment) all round.  Also, if your gut is functioning well, then your nervous system is better supported too. Gelatin also reduces inflammation, improves joint integrity and for the vain amongst you – it improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails.  In fact, it’s said to be better than botox (and erase wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite) – now I’ve got your attention!

I only use Great Lakes Grass-fed Gelatin.  Because gelatin is derived from animals, I like to know I am consuming the best quality product with the least chemical loading. The cheapest place to buy Great Lakes that I’ve found is here (in Australia) or here elsewhere.


Makes one approx. 20 x 20cm tray



2 x 270ml can of full-fat coconut milk (I like Ayam brand)

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

85grams (1/4 cup) of sweetener (rice malt syrup, coconut nectar or maple syrup)

5-6 tablespoons of grass fed gelatin

1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder

1 extra tablespoon of sweetener (rice malt syrup or maple syrup)



  • In a small pot place one can of coconut milk, vanilla and sweetener and whisk to combine.
  • Whilst whisking sprinkle the *gelatin over the coconut milk mixture to combine. It will thicken as you go. Set aside.
  • Divide the remaining can of coconut milk into two jugs.  Add the cacao and extra tablespoon of sweetener to one half of the mixture.  Stir to combine.
  • Now over a very low heat, gently heat the gelatin mix, taking care not to overheat or boil. Stir continually as the gelatin starts to dissolve and become a smooth liquid. It should only reach luke warm temperature.
  • Add half of this warmed gelatin mixture to the cacao mix, stir to combine.
  • Mix the remaining coconut milk with the gelatin mixture. You now have your chocolate and coconut layers.
  • Pour the chocolate layer into the base of a lined tray (alternatively you can use individual moulds, mini cupcakes or patty pans -as pictured below).  Set in the fridge or freezer (only takes a few minutes).
  • Top with the coconut layer and again cool until set.
  • Store in the fridge.


* Now I prefer the texture of this with 5 tablespoons of gelatin, though my daughter (not at all a jelly/gummy texture fan), much prefers a denser texture so 6 tablespoons is more palatable to her. Have a play, and let me know your preferred texture.



Vegan and vegetarian

I haven’t recipe tested this but you can substitute with agar agar.



Choose rice syrup as your sweetener.



You can double the amount of cacao and add a few drops of peppermint essence or food grade essential oil for a choc-mint gummy.


Coconut free

Replace the coconut milk with nut milk.


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